Friday, August 12, 2016


We interrupt this regularly schedu... oh, pwah!  I only post in spurts after a big lull, but this must be shared!

SUQQU will be releasing the S brush in October exclusively in the UK.  We've all be whining, and apparently, they've been listening.  Apparently some other brush as well.   You can see my review of the S brush here, which by the way, I paid a pretty penny for on Yahoo Japan Auctions.  This is wonderful news!

Here's what SUQQU UK's account posted on Instagram.

Hmm, if they really are listening, can we also make some noise about having them expand a little futher this-a-way?  I think we can support a counter or two, most definitely here in NYC!

Anyway, I wil lbe over here celebrating my butt off if anyone is looking for me.

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