Thursday, March 3, 2016

This Week's Worth of Looks

About a week's worth of looks.  I seem to have a truly minimal range of the kinds of looks I do on a day to day basis.  Sometimes I play a bit with color or a bright lip, but mostly I stay very safe.  I wish I had a killer wings kind of a day to post.  Only wings I see on a regular basis would be hot wings.  That's a different kind of a post.  A much more interesting one.

1) Whereby colors turn desaturated:
 Hard to believe I'm wearing orange blush and lipstick in addition to periwinkle and a duo chrome white/pink on my eyelids!  SUQQU 19 Awafujisikashi on eyes, blush Yawakohaku 03 on cheeks, and the orange Bright Up lipstick in 08 Sumidaidai on lips!

2) Christmas after Christmas Look:
 From this past holiday's SUQQU Kit B, which contained the stunning trio EX-04 Shishouori.  I have that on my eyes (minus the glitter shade to make it a bit more day appropriate), Rouge Bunny Rouge Chestnut Napped Apalis in the crease, the SUQQU Gel liner pen in EX-02 from the same kit which is a shimmery deep navy, and Bright Up lipstick in Momoiro 01.  On the cheeks, I have SUQQU Momoshuiro, a soft peach and coral duo pan blush.
Since I never posted swatches of this trio on the blog and only on Instagram so here they are:
 Richly pigmented, and beautiful.  I think these colors work well in the springtime even more than during the holidays!  Fully disclosing this was from the PR for my consideration.
L to R: glitter pan, middle shade, bottom shade, all layered together
SUQQU EX-04 Shisouori
3) Bright Light and Weird Shadows, man!
There's nothing interesting about this except my ineptitude in getting a clear shot minus weird shadows.  You can't even see the RBR Jasmine Weight Air sheer lipstick!  Not that you can tell, but it is a beautiful and bright sheer fuchsia.  Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Gracilis on the cheeks and SUQQU eye shadow in EX-17 Hatsushimo.

4) Cool Tones :
Minimal and generally uninteresting except that I used cool toned colors, which I LOVE but don't always love my yellow skin back.  :(  
The white-based pink lipstick here is a limited edition creamy lipstick from Visée PK804.  I reviewed a perm shade here.  A lovely person sent me a most luxurious parcel which contained this surprise lovely of a blush, Kjaer Weis in Happy.  I'm not big on cream blushes in general, but I think with my skin turning drier, cream blushes seem to last longer on me.  On eyes, RBR matte shadows in Sweet Dust Seriema and Bashful Flamingo.

It's feeling like a very long week, even though I took today off for errands.  Now I have new prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.  And have had some heavy duty dental work.  Teeth and eyes!  Does a blogger need anything more?

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