Thursday, January 7, 2016

CHANEL Rouge Noir Absolument Collection

*reels cassette tape backwards with a #2 Ticonderoga pencil*

Isn't it so crazy seeing Spring collections hitting counters already?  I do appreciate the fresh color palettes that are typical of beauty collections for Spring, but there is nothing that appeals to me more than the deep, dark and devilish.

Somf I wfenft to ftheh Chanfel coufter ind bawft fteh Howlifdafth.  *cough cough cough*  *expels Devil Dog crumbs from mouth in a fine spray*

I was saying that I was completely drawn like a moth to flame to the Chanel collection from this past holiday built around the iconic color Rouge Noir.  I hit the boutique almost as they were setting up the display and quickly gobbled up a few items.  At the time, they were missing a few of the collection, but I ended up with Illusion D'Ombre in Rouge Noir, Le Crayon Khol in Rouge Noir, Le Volume de Chanel mascara in Rouge Noir and finally, Le Top Coat Lamé Rouge Noir.  I overdosed a little bit.
I like purchasing at the actual Chanel boutique because they always are generous with samples and I get the little bag camellia sticker.  Doesn't take that much to please me.  :)

The kohl liner in Rouge Noir has a smudgy formula that you'd expect in a kohl liner.  It is hardly all that long lasting, but it does give a sexy smoldering kind of effect when applied lushly around the lash line and the waterline.  I also find it fades considerably after a few hours.
I find it more plum brown than much in the way of a red tone, but a pretty creamy matte shade.
Some comparisons to a few other similar shades.  The limited edition from SUQQU that came out recently for Fall is more red than this Chanel kohl.  Color-wise similar to the THREE Flash Performance one in Eye Sense, but that one is loaded with shimmers.

I am rather very fond of this nail polish top coat, which is in a clear pink base shade and then loaded up with gold flakes.  The flakes apply very evenly and doesn't leave a gritty feel when it dries.
It's much more useful to me applied over another nail polish.  The dark vampy shade I'm wearing here is a discontinued Estee Lauder shade in Black Iris.  It's my stand in for a Rouge Noir nail polish.

I thought that this Illusion D'Ombre in Rouge Noir would be the star among my purchases, but I am just okay with this one.  I am already familiar with the spongy, shimmer loaded goodness of these cream eye shadows.
It is awfully gorgeous in the jar.
Also really stunning in a heavy swatch and catching the light with the shimmer.  Unfortunately, applied in a more sheer manner on the lids, the color ends up being a flat and warmer toned brown.  Useful color, but not the kind of beauty you see in the jar or in a swatch.

I also found the performance pretty poor.  Even applied over my user Nars primer, I had consistent creasing and fading after only 2 or 3 hours.  I had much better performance with my one other Illusion D'Ombre in Diapason.

Oddly enough, the products I loved the most are the gold glitter top coat and the Rouge Noir mascara (unpictured).  For a non waterproof formula, the mascara does a pretty nice job building volume though requires a bit of careful combing through to eliminate some of the clumps.

Did you like any of Chanel holiday?  Do you like Devil Dogs?

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