Saturday, May 2, 2015

Elegance Nouvelle Eyes in 01

I don't intend to wear this palette on my eyes, really.  I just wanted to share some candy, makeup candy.
Elegance is a Japanese department store brand (under the Albion umbrella) and has some of the most blinged out product offering I have ever seen.  Some brands do austere sophistication and some other brands do oh-mah-god-mah-eyes level of bling.

Gleaming, lightweight gold-toned plastic cases with a pavé like surface to take it up a whole 'nother notch.

Is this just ridiculously over the top or what?  It brings a level of fabulousness that I really can't contain. I shall need to bury this deep in my eye shadow drawer, nestled among the sedate black SUQQU cases.

Each pan looks like a precious jewel and the round shades are faceted.  3-dimensional bling.
The color combination of this one is actually very pretty.  Something about the soft sage green and muted and dusky purple is just so appealing.
Japanese brands are known for exquisite makeup formulations.  Another thing they are known for is the shimmer and glitter in eye shadows.

Did someone say "glitter?"  Look how reflective the dusty purple and the warm pale pink shades are.

Funny enough, while the pan screams "CRAZY," the actual swatches are infinitely more subdued.  Elegant (harhar) even.

(It pained me to swatch these)

The shades offer very little variety of depth that it would be difficult to do anything dramatic, apart from the bling.  I was really struck by just how soft and smooth the pans were, and this is including the glitter pans.
The colors are (clockwise from top left) :

  • muted purple in which the base color is lovely and soft and satiny.  It would be a marvelous subdued shade if it weren't for the prominent gold flashes!  The shimmer is very complex with pale pinks, smaller micro-shimmer gold along with the more visible gold flakes.
  • pale taupey platinum the shifts from cool to warm due to micro shimmers in silver, pale green, light blue, etc., etc.
  • nearly pure glitter shade that has an almost colorless base.  There's a slight rosiness to this and it is quite the light catching glitter coat.  The shimmer particles are very bright and prominent in this one with mostly white, and some other less profuse blue and light pink glitters.
  • pale, very lightly pigmented sage green.  I was hoping for some more pigmentation in this one.  While not quite satin in finish, it is very soft with some pale yellow and green shimmers.
Here are the colors again.  I've angled my arm to catch the glitter and shimmer.
Fenztastic from Poshified Beauty has reviewed several pieces from Elegance (here).  I was very grateful for her posts and reviews which helped me narrow down to this amazing, garish, fantastic THING! 

Honestly, I've no inclination to put this on my eyes.  It just is something quite amazing to stare at!  By the way, this eye shadow palette is scented, with a floral fragrance.  I think some of you may not enjoy it, but it is not an offensively strong scent.  Doesn't matter to me.  I'm just going to look at it, sniff it, pat it, sneak a kiss at me...  etc., etc.

You got eye candy you'd like to share with me?  You know, now that we are on Disqus, you can upload images, imbed videos and such!  Show me what pretty you have.


  1. I got one of these. What # is yours? Ichibankao is suspending sales of Elegance so I cannot see what # is yours? Yes, lots of sparkles, not too pigmented. And very pricey brand.

  2. LMAO, MOMMY! Yeah, try depotting this. >___< This is like my Tailleur Bar. Anybody who touches is in BIIIIG TROUBLE!

  3. Super pretty. I was not moved by the bling sheer textures when I tried these at the counter and passed at first. Then the last day they caught my eye again. They were winking at me from far away, I couldn't resist! One came home with me. It is still in its plastic bag, didn't dare to open it lol. Mine is number 13, a bit more pigmented then this and has a strange yellow in there which looked like unique to my stash but we will see.

  4. A good friend of mine swears by Elegance pressed finishing powder. According to her, Elegance is a Japanese madam brand, but this quad looks so girly and pretty!
    (I actually read this post right before bedtime and dreamed a dream of myself going on a quest for a dark smoky version of this. I also saw Disney Tangled earlier, so the combination. ;p)

    I hope you end up wearing this in the future. We want to see the pretties on your face! ;)

  5. LOL yes, OTT for sure, but pretty in its own way. We get lots of these blings and kawaii stuff here. Might be an Asian thing? I don't know. I think it's because I'm surrounded by these that I grew not to like them so much. Hahahaha!

  6. I can't get over the packaging of this. Is it tacky? Is it adorable? WHO KNOWS?!

  7. #1. I always put in the color name or color # in the post title.
    Sad to hear about Elegance being no longer available. Very pricey as many of these luxury Japanese brands are.

  8. Heehee, some things are just meant to be admired. That Dior Tailleur Bar is exquisite! So beautiful. I wouldn't want to have anyone touch that either! You get me, man! You get me!

  9. Hahah! I can understand how these things can literally be winking at you from across a beauty floor! There is considerable bling factor in these. I can't wait to see what you make of 13, Sara! For me, I am oddly just satisfied enough to own this and not motivated to USE it. Which is terrible! What a way to ratchet up my beauty addiction to a whole other level!

  10. :) Maybe there is the mature madam part of me that is being greatly satisfied by owning this quad. I knew it! I knew I am ahjumma inside and out! I did also read on Poshified Beauty that the powder textures are really beautiful, too. Maybe one day I can try it, after I finish up a few jugs of loose powder and 3 pressed powders that I seem to have recently been hoarding.

  11. I'm trying to think which readily availble Western luxury brand goes to this level of nuttiness and I am struggling to identify one! Anna Sui is Asian... maybe Elizabeth Arden or Estee Lauder gold fluted cases? Hmm... It's all newish to me. Although not quite sure that even Elegance can top Korean History of Whoo. Now those things are blingtastic!

  12. Who even knows, but it is INCROYABLE!

  13. Nah, I think it's your girly side. We wouldn't be so sure that you're married with kids if you weren't open about it anyway. The only ahjumma vibe about this quad is the price! LOL.
    BTW, thanks for posting the image below! I was laughing out loud reading the copywriting and admiring her beauty at the same time. At the age of 44, she looks incredible. ;o

  14. Heeheheh! She's 44?! Wow, she is aging exceptionally well. Even with my rather piddly Korean, I did get a good giggle from the tagline. :DD
    Awlso, I be digging my innate ahjumma-ness. Is cool for me.

  15. rachlovespenguinsMay 4, 2015 at 4:30 PM

    Goodness that is shiny! I too cannot decide whether this is tacky or adorable, but I do know that whichever side it finally lands on, it surely does it well. (and the small child in me is still yelling "ooooo sparkles!" hahaha)
    I think you should use it! Though I do understand the compulsion not to. I wouldn't want to mar those faceted blingy jewels either. :P

  16. Isn't it a very gleaming sort of a thing, though? As Monika says, I think TACKORABLE & ADORACKY seem just the right word to describe it.

  17. rachlovespenguinsMay 5, 2015 at 11:30 AM

    Super gleaming! It it utterly compelling and does warrant much staring. And I completely agree- tackorable and adoracky all the way! :D


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