Saturday, April 25, 2015

What Color Am I: the MAC Face & Body Edition - More Again Again

Instead of getting myself into a complete tizzy of inaction, I received two generous samples from the MAC counter of the two shades I was debating: N1 and C1.  These are the two lightest shades in the shade offering of Face & Body.  (The regular counter doesn't carry white, so no samples of that to show)  A quick swatch on the side of my face as I showed yesterday (here)  probably wasn't a good way to get a full read on how it would look fully applied all over, so I did the whole put-it-on-peer-at-face dance this morning.

Here are the two shades I am contemplating.

Majority of you commented that C1 seems the more reasonable match than N1 on my last post specifically for its ability to cancel out some redness and also to tie in better with the rest of my body.  Josie went so far as to match my skin to a Pantone shade and RGB values (!!!!!!!) and called C1!!!!!!!  Omg, Josie, I bow down to your epic geekery.  Surely, I've not met many that can match your wit and your utter sexy geekery.

Here I am in my full technicolor glory, sans any makeup:
Lots of pink in there, I think, which is why the little N1 swatch looked good on the side of my face.

Application is pretty straightforward for this foundation.  It is runny and when applied straight on the face with fingers gives a very light coverage and a dewy finish.  But if poured a bit into the palm and then worked, meaning stirred with a finger pad, the liquid thickens and becomes a bit tacky.  Or when applied straight and rubbed in firmly into the skin, the liquid becomes thinner and gives a stronger coverage, with a streak-free and dewy finish.  I went for the greater coverage application option.

Here is MAC Face & Body in shade N1 applied (face only):
Yeesh.  I did not like this shade on me, at all.  While it did match my face, it gave a weird floating head effect (being so differently colored than my neck) and gave me a sickly sort of pallor.  Also the shade N1 dries a bit darker than when initially applied and ended up looking even odder.

Now here is C1 applied all over (face only):
I think it's a bit yellower than I like, but it wasn't orange, it wasn't too peachy.  It did dry a bit darker (freshly applied here), but not terribly so.  It also seems to tie nicely to my neck and chest.  What I particularly liked was that it was really great with canceling out a lot of redness on my face (chin, under the nose).

I also swatched a range of other foundations and shades in the N/NC 15-20 range so you can see how F&B compares with these others.  This is applied and let dry a few minutes to show the finish better.
I had these arm swatches sit all day long and noted some strong oxidation issues.  Addiction Tinted Skin Protector, Chantecaille FS in Chamomile and MAC Pro Longwear oxidized very strongly and brought on much darker and orange peach tones.  The foundations that stayed the truest to what you see above was the Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Stick and the SUQQU Frame Fix Cream N.  By the way, on the face, I found these two my best, most natural matches (but not for long with summer coming!).

Am I buying the Face & Body?  I will use up my foundation sample and see how I feel in a few days.  and I think that with my summer tan coming on, C1 would be a reasonable match for me.

And in conclusion: blah blah my face, yellow, blue, pink... more more face my face.  To all that called C1, you are all winners.  Big winners.  The end.


  1. You win you win! :D

    That Chantecaille FS in Porcelain I bought to mix into Chamomile to lighten and make more neutral! Oddly enough it oxidized enough to be wearable on the face!

  2. Le Genou de ClaireApril 25, 2015 at 9:24 PM

    O.m.g. We need this Josie babe.. what's her twitter handle? I missed the original discussion, but I would be of no help either. C1 looks like a spot-on match. How do you like Face & Body formula-wise?

  3. I'm on the same nothing matches me boat.
    From the pictures here, I def think C1 is the better match, perhaps a lighter powder will counter it's slight darkness?

    Havent tried any MAC liquid foundations, so I think your journey will def help me choose my shade if I ever want a MAC foundy. My neck leans yellow and my face is really pink (esp in Summer) so I tend to need something that corrects the redness without going too overbord with the yellow. Also have Taiwan SAs who totally want to sell me the whitest, pinkist foundations ever, so they're of absolute no help.
    So far, the most perfect shade match I've come across to correct my redness with just the right amout of yellow is Mikimoto's foundations. Their OC shades lack the red found in brands like CdP. Sadly their distribution is really limited.

  4. I dunno her twitter handle! Perhaps Josie will feel like taking pity on us and will share how she does her matching. Could be we need to order the pantone cards and stick next to our face?
    The finish of F&B is really beautiful. Dewy without slop! I did get some oil breaking through on my nose about mid-day but that's not a deal breaker for me as I am a prolific nose blotter. I like that the coverage can be minimal applied straight, or build up to something approaching medium. Quite nice.

  5. This goes to show how foundation matching is a bit of an art (and user preference)! Makes sense why counter SA's without the benefit of good natural lighting often make strange foundation matches (also limited to shades from their own brand). I think once I pick up some color on the face C1 will be fine. :D I hope the rest of the testing for formula & wear goes ok. I have the same experience being matched in Asia, too. :D
    I didn't realize Mikimoto had such nice yellow! I found CdP hadn't been the best matches either. How are THREE shades for yellow? I see the flawless cream often recommended for great formula?

  6. Haven't yet tried THREE's foundations yet, as my sis said it made her kinda shiney, and she's less oily than me. But I think I have a tester hiding around somewhere, science time!

  7. Siunse! We love makeup kind of siunse!


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