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Rouge Bunny Rouge Devlish Nectar Lip Potion - Post Illustrated

Yes, I warned many times I plan on doing a product blog post with Microsoft Paint so here it is.  Instead of drawing the characteristics and nuances of red lipsticks (because it turns out that conveying texture and tones on Microsoft Paint is kind of difficult), I thought we'd chat about another lip product.  Ok?

Do we need a press sample disclosure of an illustrated post?  Let's be all legal like and do so.  This is provided by pr/brand without charge for my illustrated and unbiased consideration.  No one was paid for this post.  That's for sure.  Next time, RBR may need to seek out someone with an art degree.

When this came in the box from Rouge Bunny Rouge of some products to check out, I was pleased.  I thought this was another one of their delightful lip balms.  I purchased the Kiss Elixir lip balm (which I really like and use in my morning routine to prep my lips) and thought maybe it would be like that or the Dazzling Sip Shimmering Luxe Balm which is in a traditional lipstick style bullet.  Makes sense right?  Kiss Elixir is in a squeezable tube, Dazzling Sip is in a lipstick bullet and this Devlish Nectar thing is in a gloss format.
Belly Admires this RBR Devlish Nectar
 It even comes in a luxurious box.  The product itself is dimunitive with a brush applicator.  It has a slight pale orangey tint (kind of like Carmex balm, or Kiehls balm) and upon closer investigation, it also has a very fine red shimmer running through it.  I worried a bit that the shimmer bits would feel noticeable on the lips.

Let me tell you.  That really wasn't a concern at all.  And I will tell you why.
 It has a translucent, and kind of thin jelly texture.  Just the type to give a glossy look to the lips.  Would make a lovely little daytime glossy balm, with an interesting red shimmer.

Look innocuous, don't eet?
 Here's what I get for not reading up on product description before generously applying on my lips one evening.  Within seconds, I felt a tingle on my lips.  And then a minute or so later, a full on tingly heat.  OH MY GOD!

The little red shimmers, they were actually belying the fact that this is full of three spicy essential oils: clove, cardamom, and chilli.  Woah!  This was no lip balm.  It is one of those lip plumping thingies.  And if perhaps used unwisely, as a weapon of war in a sexual manner.  And maybe if used right, could be a nice enhancer.  *wicked wicked lip-burning grin*
Honestly, I can not 100% testify to its effectiveness.  The strength of the heat and tingle were a bit more than I could stand, especially since I wasn't prepared fully mentally for this.  I wiped it off shortly after.  I myself am not big on lip enhancing products, but do and can testify to the incredible and heated tingle of the Devlish Nectar Lip Potion.

In addition to the spicy essential oils, it does contain jojoba oils to soothe and coddle your bits.  (Face bits)

Disclosure: this post features a products(*) that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration. However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.


  1. I'm not so much into plumping either... this does sound pretty Devlish indeed. But I do like things that help with lip lines! Does this one do that?

  2. I had to laugh so hard, this is genius what you have here.
    And yes I was sent this one and never got around reviewing it because I can't properly test it. It burns so bad I have to remove it after 3 minutes. I tested on my husband and he said it was not so bad. So I think it depends after all/ Clearly you and me are not suitable for this product lol.

  3. Loved this so much!!! The OMG Get It Off pic is gallery worthy!!
    I went through a stage back in uni where I wanted to try out all the plumping lippies, but ultimately found a normal lipgloss will give a plump effect without the sting. Have recently just noticed the Dior Maximiser lippie contains a hit of mint, never realised it was there before, and I guess that's as much a plumping lippie as I got.

  4. I love snow-person Belly. She needs to become a regular feature. Also, I like that new hair colour. Very fetching.

  5. Did you try it on your husband with a kiss?

  6. LOL, Belly. How cute is this! ^-^*
    I hear you can build up some tolerance over the time using a product like this, but I don't think I'm into hardcore plumping thing like this.
    Actually, RBR Glassy Gloss has quite some lip plumping effects, I think. Lippies with cushy gel texture seem to make lips slightly fuller minus the irritation. :)

  7. I confess I didn't take time to observe any lip line filling. But like any nice glossy textured lip product (as clear and sheer as this one) it does produce a pretty reflective surface so lines are minimized. But again, I was mostly going AHHHHHHHHHH!

  8. :D you and I are lip twins (or just have low tolerance for pain on the lips!). This is so strong!! I can only imagine on those with higher pain threshhold, it would do some serious plumping!

  9. lip plumping was never a thing I was into, though I've tried some. This is definitely definitely the strongest tingly tingles I've ever experienced though! Good to know about the Dior one! I saw that at Sephora the other day. The slight minty tingles is always nice!

  10. Teehee! Swatching of a colorless product seemed like a silly idea, so I hope this post was fun. Thank you for allowing me to indulge my sillies. :D
    Once wiped off, there was a residual tingly sensation, but not really the burn. So the effect does seem very temporary. :DD

  11. I've decided to go all red. You like? :D

  12. Are we talking Snow woman on Snow man thumpa thumpa situation? ;)

  13. Ah yes! that Glassy Gloss had a slight minty sensation, right? This one though is serious serious SERIOUS heat! :D
    I like that gel texture for the irritation-less, but still lip flattering look, too. Teeheeehee

  14. BAHAHAHAHA! I'm still laughing!! I can imagine how this can be a weapon... but let's not talk about that in case I get into details and start offending people. I have a high tolerance for chilli (I live in South East Asia after all) so, while I haven't tried this before, I have a feeling it wouldn't be too bad. I don't need these lip plumping thingies, but I do like the Dior Maximizer just for that minty feeling :-)

  15. :DDD HAHAHAH! I am no stranger to spicy food, but you know when you are cooking and chopping up chillis? It's not so pleasant to rub your eyes, nose or lips with your hands. NOoooOOOoooOOO!
    That mellow minty feeling is very nice and pleasant. Maybe the Dior Maximizer is more for a subtle lip enhancement and the RBR one is for massive enhancements. Really I shouldn't talk, because I didn't keep it on long enough to tell.
    Maybe I am a big wuss.

  16. I actually asked Nadin, and she said there should only be very slight tingling and no burning. I think we are really special. I don't think this lip product is supposed to be sold to mazohist :-P

  17. :) Ah, I see you and I are truly special delicate flowers. Snowflakes, if you will.

  18. TMI. My poor innocent ears. All I ask is have you kissed your husband while wearing this product?

  19. Best. Post. Ever.


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