Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Houston, I Think We Have a Problem

You would think that since my blog has been generally so quiet, that I am also very quiet with my makeup purchases.

You would be wrong.  Oh so very wrong.  You know what's funny?  I thought I mostly made peace with my drunken sailor spending ways and that there would be a kind of a self-leveling mechanism inherent in me that would attempt to moderate my spending.  I see more accurately now that releasing my metaphoric valve on spending seems to allow a build up of spending to a really epic proportion.  I mean woah.

During the Sephora Employee Appreciation event, where a really wonderful MUAer shared a code with me, I was really restrained and purchased:
  • Beauty Blender Solid Soap (repurchase) - since I'm about done with my old one.
  • MUFE clear brow gel - since returned since it doesn't seem to hold my bizarro bionic brow hairs.
  • Jin Soon nail polish in Cookie White - made it look like I was wearing Wite Out, so also returned.
As I patted myself on the back about returning things, I started to ponder further on the things I've been purchasing recently.  And then the feeling of UH OH HOUSTON set it.

This is a pretty accurate representation of a few months worth of spending (probably missing some skincare repurchases).

Stuff I recently purchased:
  • THREE 4D eye shadow quad in 1 Party Monster - everything desaturates on me!
  • THREE 4D eye shadow quad in 2 My Blue Heaven - everything desaturates on me!
  • THREE 4D eye shadow quad in 3 Astro Girl - everything desaturates on me!
  • THREE blush in Divine Radiance
  • THREE blush in Into the Aether
  • Visee Nudy Rich Eyes BE-5
  • THREE Shimmering Glow Duo 1
  • Serge Lutens Sa Majeste La Rose - well, it's darn gorgeous and discounted on Amazon!
  • SUQQU Blend Color Eye Shadow in Sakurakaba 05
  • SUQQU Creamy Glow Lipstick in Kyoganoko 02
  • Chanel nail polish in Sweet Star
  • Tom Ford Eye Color quad in Cocoa Mirage
  • Tom Ford Eye Color quad in Nude Dip - tell you the truth, it's just okay.
  • Tom Ford cream eye shadow in Platinum - (repurchase) I love having this again
  • Cle de Peau concealer in Almond (repurchase)
  • Clinque Airflash concealer (repurchase)
  • Anastasia Clear Brow Gel - because require more bionic brow power
  • Anastasia Tinted Brow Gel in Granite - for tinted bionic brow power
  • Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Urban Nude - I returned this, instantly regretting my "OH MY GOD LIMITED ONE DAY EDITION" purchase.  Horrid unflattering color on me.
  • Surratt Artistique Brushes - Face, Cheek, 2 eye shadow ones
  • Surratt Lipslique in Piccadille
  • SUQQU trio in Aoruri (which was a generous gift)
  • Sisley Black Rose Mask
  • Several Chikuhodo Artist Red brushes
Wait, there's more.  These are en route to me:
  • Wantable November Beauty box
  • SUQQU Christmas Kit A
  • RMK eye shadow brush E
  • SUQQU eye liner brush C
  • SUQQU Makeup Base Creamy
  • Eve Lom Cleaner (repurchase)
  • Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser (repurchase)
  • Eve Lom Rescue Mask (repurchase)
  • Eve Lom Travel Kit (repurchase)
  • Tom Ford stick foundation (repurchase)
  • Charlotte Tilbury First Love blush
  • Chanel JC in Rose Ecrin
  • Guerlain Rouge G Garance
  • Guerlain Rouge G Gracia
Analysing my purchases even further, I see I am very motivated by various discount and gift card events.  Many of these purchases were based on the recently conclude Sephora VIB event, a Bergdorf Goodman on line gift card event and things like that.

What is the point of this post?  Add to the insult that there is never a real point to any of my posts, I find putting it on paper a veritable eye opener.  Of course there is a high financial value associated with each purchase.  Equally clear is just the vast number of items I'm accumulating in a short few months' worth of time.

I worry from time to time that my beauty spending gets motivated by running Wondegondigo.  Considering a lack of updates, I seem to be more motivated by mindless consumption even more so!  Well, my friends, here is another look at the deep dark underbelly of makeup consumption.  I've looked very deep and it turns out that I don't look so good!

I'm going to turn this frown upside down.  On this day, I pledge to properly blog post about each and every single item on this list (if not already covered) and from that point onwards, I can recommence the spending.  *Drunken whoooop!* 

This will increase my rate of blogging, so I can buy again to my heart's content... maybe?  Maybe it will make be think of blogging as a real burden and a nightmare and quit?  Do you remember a while back, I had a blog bucket list that I was checking off before I skedaddled?  I smell someping.

The "rules" are:
  • post about every single thing, unless returned.
  • can group similar items together where it makes sense.  for instance combining an Eve Lom cleanser with Clinique Airflash concealer smells like a cheat.
  • during the duration, any real repurchases for empties (like cleanser or something) is a ok.  a girl's got to wash her face, you know?
  • continue to stretch the rules for my ebil porpoises.
Beginning blogging transmission.....beeeeeeeeeeep.


  1. LOL that's quite a haul!!! I'm kinda sad and kinda glad that the Sephora sale has nothing to do with me. I did recently purchase more RBL nail polishes, NARS Digital World, and the LM 6-piece Caviar Stick set though. You'd think I don't need more makeup, but I do :p

    1. :D Restraint? I have no concept of this word. I am totally ALL OUT kind of a person. Oy! Aiee, Sunny, the R29 RBLs are so pretty. I really love the bloo one, but I MUST be good. I barely wear nail polishes to begin with.


  2. Belly, I don't think you should be punching yourself in the gut over the beauty purchases you've made. On one hand, you know that I strive to limit my endless consumption of beauty products, but on the other, I think that hey, some women collect hand bags, or shoes, or wool sweaters, I just happen to collect lipstick. Now that you've already spent the money on these beauties, just try to enjoy them - and yes please, turn them into some blogging material for the benefit of your loyal subjects (that is, readers :). Also... this is not a good time of the year to be pondering minimalism!

    1. Hear hear! I'm with Monika here. No need to cry over spilled dollars/yens/milk. Besides no milk/yens/dollars actually spilled, might as well turn them into a nice blog post. We are listening! Afterall, makeup are to be enjoyed & for personal enhancement: physical or otherwise. Give yourself the permission to use & enjoy them (am I sounding like Dr. Phil now??)

    2. @Claire... Doctor Feeeeel! Have you seen the Sesame Street version of Dr. Phil? So funny.
      @Monika, true, the holiday season seems so much about excess and deals and all that stuff. Honestly, for a MAXIMALIST like me, it gets to be even too much for me to handle (more emotionally than anything). What I really need is a pair of nice boots! I need to diversify my interests a wee little bit. But I'm going to take my glittery lemons and turn them into lemonade. Hopefully, it makes the blog more productive with posts! :D

  3. I think you are a beauty addict! Well... You are not alone! :) Can't wait to see all the goodies swatched and analyzed! :)

    1. 31LenaD! That I am! :) yes, they will all be put up on the blog.

  4. This! I've purchased so many things that I forgot I had them. Is that your to do list for reviews too? I have a very long one and I haven't got it it yet and I had a week off to do it lol. My mu drawer is a lot heavier than my clothing drawer.

    1. Hahaha! I officially made a "to blog" list on the bottom right of the blog. I'm going to check it off as I go. Hopefully it will make the blog more productive and also keep me from buying more things. :D iz crafty.

  5. That is a magnificent, magnificent list. I have to echo Monika, here. If you enjoy them (and purchasing is a form of enjoyment, I think, haha), don't beat yourself up over them.

    1. :) My list of purchases is practically longer than most of my blog posts, so yay, it is quite a magnificent list. It is! It is! Of the ones I've already received, I do get to use everything, so there is that. I do enjoy all of these things, but I wonder if a little restraint might be in order.

  6. Replies
    1. Dusts you with sprinkles from a powder puff. I crown thee fellow makeup lovah.

  7. I have list envy. I have been good lately (read: I've had other expenses that I can't put off and I'm waiting on payments that should have been received by now, dammit), but I still slip into that "I just need a little pick-me-up" mindset, which seems to result in things following me home.

    I'm sorry to hear that you didn't like the ODO Armani lipstick. It looked pretty from photos I saw, but sadly was never made available up here. Now I'm giving myself permission to assume that, like you, I wouldn't have liked it.

    1. :) Oh Kate, never has a lipstick done worse things for me. I know our skintones are different, but I usually do well with mauve toned lipcolors. I've never seen a lipstick turn my teeth so yellow before in my whole life! Hork. So yes, go on and assume that lipstick would be a good thing to bypass.

  8. LOL Belly! What an awesome haul. I shall live vicariously through you :-) No need to feel bad as long as you're not purchasing those things on credit!

    1. *shimmies around in exuberant butt wiggling dance move* It is quite epic, ain't it? Never on credit. Always pay in tears of the Bellycorn.

  9. Belly! Let me dispatch Pac-Man to slay these dots of guilt. WAKA WAKA WAKA
    Skincare is always necessary expense: -5 dots.
    Non-skincare repurchases are staple items: -4 dots.
    Brow products birth va va voom brows, a lack of which decreases the overall effect of makeup: -2 dots.
    Base product provides a pristine canvas for colors: -1 dot.
    Pac Man gobbled down 12 dots. And just like that, 1/3 of your list went POOF.

    As for the other products, I won't comment on the necessity because personal preferences and circumstances vary. ;) I mean, I am tempted to categorize perfume as a necessary investment and send Pac-Man for the Uncle Serge!


    P.S. Try to counter desaturation by prepping lids with eye cream or primer first. I prefer eye cream, the emollient nature of which intensifies any eyeshadow on contact! BTW, the swanky new layout is fab!

    1. My hero, Josie! waka waka. I have a soft spot for 80's arcade games, especially Ms Pac-man upon whom many quaters were bestowed.

      Thank you so much for the eye prep tip! I wonder if the emollience will make the colors crease/fade? I have bionic grease pit of eyelids.

      My kids tell me they have a second stomach just dedicated to dessert, so I will need to assume I have a separate stomach just for Uncle Serge.

  10. Like you, I buy tons of makeup except I don't even have a blog to blame it on! Each time I try to put myself on a 'no buy', I see a great deal which I find hard to pass up. This time of year is really bad since I have some idea of sales to come (hello Black Friday!) so I will try to participate-in moderation.

    1. these dang deals are so tempting, aren't they. darn it. :) we can try moderation *giggle* together.

  11. This is absolutely a great haul! Lots of great products!

  12. Ok. Wow. I'm thinking of lifting my ban as well because of a possible scenario like this. It's like the water dam will fall apart anytime soon and I'll end up buying more.

    1. :) I have zero moderation strategy I realize.

  13. Yay! Now that I have written the last part, it looks like we will read some of your awesome posts. I can't wait!

    Have you chosen Suqqu Kit A over Kit B? I was thinking you would like Kit B more, but hey I should shut up probably because I don't want to tempt you ;-))

    1. :D Yes! Blog posts to spew from this point on!

      I did choose Suqqu A because I thought B looked too much like Ginusudama from Spring 13. That wasn't my best palette. Pinks don't appeal to me really, but I recently saw Driveller Kate's few fotd and I 'bout DIED. DIED.


  15. Oh, I hear you, girl. Just because I haven't been blogging...doesn't mean I haven't been buying. And it's even worse when you no longer have the excuse, "But it's for my blog!!" *covers face in shame*

    Shani x

    1. :) SHANI! But you HAZ a blog. You best get cracking, too!

  16. Woe is us Belleh!! Sales be killing our wallets one code at a time. Managed to take a slight breather from shopping during my trip to Jeju and Seoul, but the second I got back to Taipei, I was swept into the crazy sale frenzy again. Someone chain me up. My latest purchase are the THREE holiday gift sets....and I'm going to Osaka for a few days later this month, pray for my bank account.

    1. I'd much rather be eating goog nommies in Asia than buying yet another makeup doodad! :)

      Did you get both the brush set & the eye shimmer sets from THREE? I can't wait to hear what you think!!

    2. ^^what the feck is "goog?" Urg. meant good.

  17. Huston, I don't even got no blog to justify my craziness D:
    I should make a list like yours but I am terrified. I did make one of only the stuff I have camping out at my sister's (Candian customs suck so I just send everything to her) and... it's kind of bad but I am freaking excited for Christmas when I finally get my hands on it all *evil happy face*. Both winter and holiday collections in one go, I think Imma OD and not emerge for days.

    The blue announcement has me all excited I have to say, lots of makeupz posts!!!! I hope blogging-burden-nightmare scenario does not happen though, we don't need high frequency as long as we get a good dose Belly every now and then. Have a lovely weekend!

    1. D: D: Cat, if I go slow, then I can't buy any more stufffffffsss!!! ffffffff!

      I can only imagine the euphoria of opening all those collections all at the same time. *remembers to breathe* I understand. You will be in your bunk.

  18. Ohhh ROFL Belly!!!! It's sooo funny, this morning it just randomly (totally random!!) thought hmm... when will I reach that stage like Belly who seem to be buying less?? Oh gosh!!! I was doing the mental tally ya 'now... summarizing how I hadn't planned on buying much this season cos nothing seemed compelling, and then baaam!! A post a day and I still can't catch up! *faints*


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