Friday, October 10, 2014

Four Hands Yields the Most Glorious Look

Why hello, hot stuffs. 

Ah! Sweet, utter relief to know today is Friday.  I have many plans this weekend.  Most of which involve puttering around the kitchen and also taking a trip to see a sculpture park.

On my little lunch break, reading Yahoo news articles, I came upon this ad.


What is happening here?  Did Ellen morph into this woman with four hands?  How do I also get four hands?

I attempted to recreate the above picture, but lacking additional appendages, I wanted to share the most amazing look I've ever created:

Hmm, you know how people sometimes post looks inspired by images?  I find I'm not so good at that.  I am actually wearing a new SUQQU quad that Nicole from Swatcharama purchased for me, Sakurabata.  (Thank you Nicole!)  Turns out that without my everyday Nars Pro Prime, everything I put on my eyes disappears into nothingness in a matter of a few hours!  All HAIL EYE PRIMERS!

Here is a better picture of SUQQU Sakurakaba I posted on my Instagram account yesterday, which was a mini color comparison between Toutouseki trio (posted here in detail) & Sakurakaba quad.  You can see in the swatches that the trio is much sheerer and cooler pinky peach.  Sakurakaba is a lush peach and the dark plum brown is glorious (but a little patchy in application).
Currently, I have 48 valid entries for my Bellycorn giveaway.  You may already own one of those and don't want to own another Bellycorn.  Yes, this I understand because cost of ownership of so many pretties is very high indeed, but for those of you aching to own one, you should enter today!  Click here to enter!  There is only a few more days to enter.

This weekend, I expect:
  • Pie baking
  • Farmers market visiting
  • Sculpture gawking
  • Serious eatin'
  • potential for some blog picture taking
What about you guys?  What's shakin' this weekend?


  1. LOL wtf

    O, the glamorous life of hand models! (How do I become one? I will massage your face.)

    Off to check out what this bellycorn business means.

    1. With your extra modelly hands, we can properly recreate the 4-handed woman.

  2. I am excited about your weekend plans. Probably more excited about them than my own weekend plans, even though we're entertaining house guests (or maybe because of it?)

    1. I hope you have good house guests. :) Put them to work. Make them wash your brushes.

  3. what the what what? so many hands! so much confuse!

    1. *big wrinkly frown* What IS happening here? I dunno. :((

  4. Aaahhh, that ad is so creepy! I wonder if it's ever convinced anyone to buy...whatever it's selling. I don't even want to know. I do, however, want to know what peachy lip color you're wearing!

    Are you making sweet or savory pie? I'm hoping to take some blog photos this weekend, too, but the light has been so uncooperative recently.

    1. It is the Rouge Bunny Rouge sheer lipstick in Fluttering Sighs. A super pretty peach shade. :)

      We're expecting rain here, so I think this weekend is going to be shot for photos here, too.

  5. I don't know what ads you were talking about, lady! And oohh.. the BellyCorn is still romping around eh? This weekend, I need serious catching of sleep, how exciting is that? :-D Have a great one this weekend & maybe report back on that pie?

    1. It was this weird ad that had a gif of an inset pic with Ellen Degeneres, and another woman with four hands doing each of the movements (in my "look), but simultaneously. :O I had to take it off. It literally was making me feel sick watching it!

      Catching up on sleep is soooo nice! Have a wonderful weekend. I am still perusing various recipes online at the moment!

  6. I had no idea there's a new suqqu quad! Been busy researching Japanese goodies to have my sis get me... But typhoon weather means I have 3 extra days to guilt myself into further shortening down the list.... Or go effing crazy and have to bag me everything.
    Happy weekending!

    1. Typhooooon! Stay indoors and stay safe! (and haul all teh things on line?)
      It's an "old" quad, but new to me. :) Have a good weekend, noodles!

  7. Wow that ad sounds creepy!
    I had dreams of relaxing weekend plans. Maybe a little pretty leaf gawking and some antiques shopping. Fantasy, however, quickly dissolved into spending most of Friday in the ER being scanned and jabbed with needles. My arms look like a pincushion, but at least I was deemed non-contagious. Which is good because I wound up having to work all weekend instead. :/
    Did you save me any pie? :P

  8. Now that Ellen ad totally creeps me out! This post made laugh out loud, loved it and love the look! xoxo :)


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