Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist in EX-15 Benikiseki - Veil Glow

This post features product that was provided free of charge by PR/brand.
The limited edition lip color that was released along with the Autumn Winter 2014 SUQQU collection is Benikiseki EX-15.  It is a Creamy Glow Moist formula, but is also representative to their new Veil Glow finish, which is a soft matte.

SUQQU periodically releases a bright red in their seasonal collections, but in the sheerer formulations.  I was generally most interested in checking out the finish of this new formula.
The incredibly bright orange red of the bullet suggests a bright shade on the lips, but when swatched, you can see just how soft and wearable the color is.  I've swirled the bullet a few times to build up to the warm soft red you see on my arm.
I've also compared it to another similar limited edition Creamy Glow Moist lipstick from SUQQU.  This is Beniaka EX-13 from last Fall, swatched on the right.  The colors are nearly identical, but the finish is different.  You might be able to tell that Beniaka on the right has a more squishy appearance.
Angling my arm a bit differently, the colors reflect the light very differently as well, with EX-15 Benikiseki reflecting the light in a diffused and soft manner, and Beniaka EX-13 practically gleaming brightly.
Like many things from SUQQU, lots of their products are small differences in things like finish (as is the case of these lipsticks shown above), or combinations of shades in the micro shimmer.  Likely, if you are a sheer red lipstick kind of a fan (like me), you will have close dupes of this color.  I am finding this pretty subtle red a very flattering and easy shade to wear.
SUQQU offers several different formulas in its lipstick offering and I thought you'd like to see how they compare to one another.
Here's a little round up for y'all:
From left to right:
  • SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist in EX-15 Benikiseki.  The Veil Moist finish of this lipstick is very sheerly pigmented and allows a lot of your lip color to show through.  While not truly matte, it does have a soft muted finish to it.  Similar to the regular CGM formula, it glides on beautifully, but due to its sheer pigmentation, it doesn't last very long.
  • SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist in EX-13 Beniaka (here).  This is the shiny regular finish of the the CGM.  Similar to the Veil Glow above, it is very sheer and imparts subtle color. 
  • SUQQU Bright Up in 03 Barairo (swatch set here) is a creamy medium pigmented lipstick.  It's very flattering on my textured lips and feels very cushiony.  The colors, contrary to the product name, in this range are very pretty subtle shades - a la MLBBs.
  • SUQQU Creamy Glow in 17 Ichijiku - discontinued (here).  This formula is ultra pigmented where one swipe will impart full coverage.  It is feather light (much lighter than the Bright Ups) and has a thin slippy texture.  Selected colors are still available in the UK as UK exclusives.
You've already seen me wear Benikiseki here featuring the new limited edition creamy eyeliner in Ruby Navy and I've put a sizeable dent into the bullet already!  As you can see, the warm red transforms into a rosier shade when applied on my lips.  The sheerness of the color allows my cool mauve natural lipcolor to show through.

Thanks to SUQQU for letting me check out this new finish from one of my most favorite lipstick formulas.  I'm glad to add such a wearable and pretty color into my pile of lipsticks!

What are some of your favorites for sheer and easy colors?

SUQQU is available in Japan, Bangkok and UK.  It is available internationally online through the Selfridges as well as by calling the counters.  Check out my post here on how to purchase SUQQU.  UK customers can also purchase this brand at Fenwick.  (Lucky bastards! >:( )

Disclosure: this post features a product that was sent free of charge by the brand/PR for consideration. However, all my opinions are my own! Yes indeed! Please check out my full disclosure policy statement here.


  1. Benikiseki is so pretty! It reminds me of my favorite sheer red-orange, Revlon Lip Butter in Candy Apple. And I don't think I ever commented on your Ruby Navy FOTD post, so let me offer my belated squee over that beautiful blue/pink combination!

    1. Candy Apple is a beautiful red and if I recall correctly, also much more pigmented. These particular SUQQU shades are very lightly pigmented. :) blue/pink is a fun combination! I wore that on a Saturday, you know, running errands, doing the laundry.

  2. That dc'd Creamy Glow is really pretty! (I always fall for the deep reds.)

    p.s. nice bracelet ;-)

    1. It is very autumnal. Time to break it out again.

      p.s. I get so many IRL compliments on that bracelet. I can't take it off, it is SO my favorite bracelet.

      p.p.s. http://www.shopquotidienne.com/snake-cuff oh, sold out! :( But so many lovely jewelry pieces in the shop!

    2. So happy to hear you love it! I'll be getting more in pretty soon, including a Double Snake cuff! xo

    3. Double Snake! Sounds enticing! Like a Kung Fu fighting school or a delicious stew!

  3. Oh I really like all the colours you've shown here! Shame Ichijiku has been dc-ed.
    Can't beat the Japanese when it comes to yummy juicy sheer lippies that feel superb on the lips! If the Suqqus are one of your favourite formulas they must be something phenomenal!
    I love sheers in reds, oranges, browns, purples. Makes bold colours easier for a lazy poop like me :)

    1. The J brands are KINGS of lovely sophisticated colors. But I would also be happy to see a BRIGHTLY colored Bright Up and an opaque lipstick just the color of Benikiseki. :) I like sheer colors, too. I mostly wear these types of colors anyway.

  4. Your eye makeup is pretty. Do you remember what you were wearing?


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