Thursday, August 14, 2014

SUQQU Autumn Winter 2014 Collection

There's very little beauty wise that get me as excited as fall collections and even less that get me as excited as the new releases from SUQQU.  This AW 2014 collection has some true eye catching beauties and I am excited to ramble on and parse through the press information today.

Inspiration for this collection is jewelry, and many of the products will have that richness, translucency and vibrancy.  My jewelry collection tends to be cast off kids' plastic Hello Kitty things given out as favors in goody bags at birthday parties, but I suspect other grown up women will be pleased to see reflections of rich tones in SUQQU's collection.

Eye shadows:
Limited edition 4-pan (but sneaky OCTET!) EX-21 Murasakisuishou
Ridiculously pretty, is it not?  Surely this is the star of the collection and being limited edition, I would hazard a guess that this will be in high demand.  All the colors have a depth and translucency that allows for some artful layering and the eight color format is a natural for mixing and matching.  One thing that I saw in the press information was that there are two preset combinations that might work easily for those of us that are creativity challenged, 4 colors from the outside or 4 colors from the inside.   (or let your creativity run wild with your own preference for mixing and layering)

All the shades are pearl finish, so likely very similar in texture to the releases from this past Spring.

Eye Color Palettes (Trios):
Trios!  A format even more better suited for my utterly uncreative mind and skills!  Like the limited edition quad, all the colors in these trios are pearl finish shades and especially formulated to bring a "wet look." This kind of blows my mind thinking about the edginess of a wet look but made with the typical sophistication of this brand.  Sounds pretty amazing, if it executes on the lids the way described, no?
01 Toutouseki - Pink & Beige, 02 Kinshiseki - Yellow & Purple, 03 Aoruri - Glow White & Deep Turquoise

This seems to be quite the departure from the normal eye shadow finish of the norm, so this will be something I have my eye on.  I hope these are not glitter bombs.

The lipsticks being offered are new shades of the Creamy Glow Moist formula.  I really like these balmy lipsticks.  While the pigmentation is very sheer on majority of the colors, they feel very cushy on the lips and super easy to wear.

The new introduction however, is a new finish in the Creamy Glow Moist of Veil Glow.  Veil Glows are semi-matte shades.  Doesn't glow & veil together seem a bit oxymoronic?  Well, I guess proof will be in the pudding? or pie?  or cake?  Looking forward to seeing what these new Veil Glows look like.
Veil Glows-
07 Sangoseki is described as a dense, red coral.
08 Tougyoku is an intense pink.
EX-15 Benikiseki (LE) is a red.

07 Sangoseki

08 Tougyoku

EX-15 Benikiseki

Regular Glows-
09 Zakuroseki is described as an opaque radiant rose pink shade.
09 Zakuroseki
Nail Colors:
Two limited edition shades are being offered with the AW collection and can be used alone or layered.

EX-07 Nanairoseki - Lamé.  This seems to me like the SUQQU version of the glitter top coat.  It can be worn alone or applied over other shades.

EX-08 Kouseki - Ruby Pink.

I never really paid attention to SUQQU nail polishes before, but their description of the formula sounds nice with the right viscosity and ultra smoothness for application.  It also contains squalene for moisturizing properties.

Creamy Eye Liner:

Creamy Eye liner in EX-03 Ruby Navy is a limited edition pearly navy.  This smooth cream formula has a deep navy with red tones in it.  I haven't used gel liners since using up a few pots of Bobbi Brown.  I like the smudgier lines of pencils, but this does look like a beautiful color.

SUQQU's new Autumn Winter collection is in stores on August 21st at Selfridges and August 28th at Fenwicks.  It is already in stores in Japan.  They are also available on-line at Ichibankao (the quad appears to have sold out here).

What are the chances of the full collection hitting you think for more than a blink of an eye?


  1. They all look delightful, but not suited to my coloring. Whew, dodged a bullet there. Still lots of other Fall collections to want, though.

    1. Fall! Ah! The best season ever for the most beautiful makeup releases!

  2. Oh gosh, I thought the octet was good enough, the trio sounds equally good with the promise of elegant "wet look" C'mon SUQQU, just jump over to the US already!

    1. SUQQU is just relentlessly teasing us! Get over in MAH Belleh, in the US...ALREADY!

    2. So if one were to order some SUQQU, would it be better to order via Selfridges phone call v.s. v.s. Ichibanko? What has been your experience? I don't think I've ever seen Suqqu's full collection on but then I only check the online store every now and then (by that I mean reeeeeealy sporadically, like when sb mentioned something Suqqu-related).

    3. Ichibankao is now sold out of the LE palette. Normally if one were to place one or two pieces, Ichibankao would be the best. But if one were ordering several pieces, it is best to go through selfridges to take advantage of the VAT reduction which offsets the big shipping fee. Online inventory is quite spotty, so it might be worth calling a counter to secure one's pieces. :>

  3. I've caught your excitement for this! Really interested to see how the trios fare! Well, I know Selfridges ships to TW now... So hopefully I wont go crazy. But most likely I wont even get the chance to go crazy if things are out of stock within minutes.

    1. Do the Bangkok counters ship to TW? Would that be an option as well? I wonder if the new stuff timing follows the early Japan timing for TW or if it follows the later release dates of the UK.

      I was surprised to see Ichibankao also sold out so quickly. Nuts. It makes getting a hold of these LE things very difficult without calling the counters and putting things on hold. Not a lot of makeup devotees will go through all that trouble.

  4. I wanted the red LE lipstick but then I remembered I have unopened lipsticks and still on my honeymoon with Surratt Rubis lol. I'm getting quad, all the trio and liner...just waiting now for them now.

    1. So glad you are loving the Rubis! I periodically go to the counter to say hello. One day she will be mine. <333
      Oooh, all the trios! I can't wait to see your gorgeous candy-SUQQU photos!

  5. You know, I don't even care that "Creamy Glow Moist Veil Glow" sounds like such a ridiculously silly name for a semi-matte lipstick, because....pretty! And the eyeshadow! If you wind up stalking Selfridges online I hope you're able to get the items you want. :)

    1. The name IS quite silly isn't it?? :DDD
      Can't wait to get some of these pretties in my hot little paws.

  6. Oh dang that palette looks gorgeous and oh the possibilities!!! I sure hope you get your hands on it, I wanna see you play with it! I never buy online but find very annoying for those who do that some items are available for just a few minutes, stupid, real stupid!

    1. :) It IS on its way to me and I am dying to play with it!

      It is really difficult to get a hold of, but even in the US, there are lots of areas that doesn't have a brick and mortar option for many luxury brands. It's a little weird to think NY is one of those places in the SUQQU scheme of things, though.

  7. A long, not so long time ago, there was a pretty runner girl who lost inspiration for doing makeup looks, until she started watching Charlotte Tilbury's videos and visited Belly's blarg just to start lemming Suqqu ;)

    1. :D There is inspiration out there for every one!


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