Sunday, August 24, 2014

Look Featuring SUQQU Eyeliner Creamy in EX-03 Ruby Navy

This post features products (*) provided by the brand/PR.
It's hard to find enough pockets of time to do mega posts with multiple looks, so I hope these little posts suffice.  I've been using the new limited edition color of the SUQQU eyeliner and trying to see all the different variations I can achieve using this product.

I mentioned on the detailed product post that this product sets.  I mean it really really sets to the point where a simple wipe with micellar water will not budge it.  Due to this really tenacious nature of the liner formula, there's some limitations in usage for more than a simple clean line for me.  For instance, while it would be possible to use the product as the most complex and beautiful navy shade upon which to build additional product onto, it would be very difficult to blend and shape as it pretty much sets immediately upon application.

I thought I would show you my attempt at a graphic, but softened line featuring Ruby Navy.  One eye at a time is key, as would be super speediness!  The underside of the wing is sharp and clean, while I attempted to soften and smudge the upper part with my Shu Uemura 5R brush.  The stiff kolinsky hairs are handy for working with non-powdered products.
It is really humid and hot and I am sweating into ladylike glow in these pictures.  :)  No highlighting luminizers needed!  I glow naturally!

Products used:
Base: Ladylike sweat de Belly, Chantecaille Future Skin foundation in Chamomile to match my recent beach tan, SUQQU Nuancing Loose Powder in Natural.
Eyes: SUQQU Eyeliner Creamy in EX-03 Ruby Navy*, the shimmery hot pink in the split pan of SUQQU Benichagasane palette (EX-16), the pale yellow in SUQQU Sumiredama palette (EX-11), SUQQU Brow pen in Moss Green, Guerlain Cils D'enfer WP mascara.
Cheeks: Edward Bess Blush Extraordinaire in Bed of Roses.
Lips: SUQQU Creamy Glow Moist in EX-15 Benikiseki*
Drawing that Navy Line:
I drew a very thick line extended into a wing using Ruby Navy with my Chikuhodo Artist Red 6-1 brush.  I needed precision of a small brush head, but with enough surface area to quickly apply product in a larger area than a fine line.  I then immediately used my Shu Uemura 5R brush to blend on the upper portion of that graphic line in an attempt to soften the upper contours of that line.  Not so successfully, I think.

Adding some contrasting fun color:
I used my SUQQU eye shadow brush M to apply the pink shade while blending it slightly into the blue line.

A little brightness:
I used my Chikuhodo Artist Z-10 to apply the pale yellow on my lower lash line and then finished the whole thing off with mascara.
Everything in context on my face:
Happy to report ~11 hours into application, my eye makeup is completely intact despite my sweating all over it.

What goodies from SUQQU's new collection do you have coming in?  Have you tried these SUQQU liners before?  Are you also getting similar performance from it as I do?

>>disclosure: this post contains product (*) that has been provided without charge by the brand/PR.  My opinions are my own.  Do check out my full disclosure statement here<<


  1. Woman, how you work that blue liner and pink detail!! Benikiseki looks gorgeous on you too!
    I realized after I posted my last comment that YOU GOTS THESE FOR FREE!?? @@

    1. How you liking that combo? :D I'm totally loving the color & the soft finish of Benikiseki!

      *scritch head* Hmm put all the fancy stuff on this crap blog?! What in the world can they possibly be thinking?!! ;)

  2. Hi Belly,
    I really like the navy eye liner on you and the idea of making it more fun with the pink, it works so good, love it. Benikiseki is also stunning on you, I love how you wear reds, always wished I could do it too.

    1. hi Sara! I think these sheer Suqqu reds are so wearable, they are like Red Lite. I bet you would look amazing in a bright sheer red! :D

  3. Hot, hot, HOOTTT! Love the combos, I think you executed it nicely. I love that you also pair them with Benikiseki, a review for the lippie?

    1. thanks Claire! I like the pink & blue together. It's not in my normal neutral combination of colors I wear, but what the hell! I wore it all day and I WIKED IT! :D
      I have some issues with pictures these days... no sun, not a lot of time, but trying to get that post up soon, too. I really like the lipstick though! :)

  4. Hello Belleh!
    I was going to ask if you had a few hundred LED bulbs installed behind your epidermis because that glow is seriously enviable. Also, I love the photo qualities of the two most recent Suqqu posts! From the close up shots of the products and swatches to yer whole face, the colors are vivid and images crisp! Perhaps you leveled up on photography equipment or maybe I am just thrilled to see a blue and pink combination other than more neutral tones on your eyes. Either way, the post is full of beautiful thangs and beautiful belleh in HD! That Ruby Navy plays so well with your other (makeup) children that I might have to saddle up an unwilling makeup mule for a trip to the counters! Hee-haw!

    P.S. Love your full frontal PR disclosure at the beginning instead of a small tag at the end of the post. I hope other brands follow Suqqu's lead and send you goodies for review!


    1. Josieeee, *snarf giggle* It's the lovely late morning sunlight that seems to set my skin on FIIIRRRREEE! or something. :) Thank you for noticing the photo quality. I'm trying out Lightroom (vs. my normal picasa) to do some small edits, but mostly trying to figure out the features. These weren't heavily edited or anything though. I did KAPOW/ZAP out a zit on my eyebrow which was exciting and very satisfying. I would like to be able to do this in real life to my face.

      Ruby Navy is a nice one. I am putting this into my eyeliner rotation now. :) Suqqu was very nice. And the PR statement in the beginning is my version of "WOHOO! NICE STUFFFSSS!! WOHOOOO!"

  5. Select area and shift+f5 for content aware fill to zap zits, dust, etc... newish PS feature. I love the pink and blue look. The glow in the last PIC is amazing.

    1. Is it in LR? I just watched a adobe tutorial on the HEAL DUPLICATE blah blah thing. I'm going to go back into my old Disney World pictures and zap out the stupid crane that is marring all my cinderella's castle pictures. I'm going to ZAP EVERYTHING!

  6. Whenever I visit your blog, I am struck by one thing above all else and that is your features. You are striking and so beautiful. Suqqu should pay you to wear their makeup! serious x

    1. Yasumi you are incredibly kind. :) I've been learning the deceptive "art" of angles & nice lighting for the blog for my face. I'd glad pay money for all my SUQQUs and I really have. They did me a lovely kindness recently.

  7. We need to go to Japan, I am telling you. Your combo looks fantastic on you. Did a great job again my friend. Hugz :)

    1. Yes, doc. But for the noms! I'd love to go back and eat til I get dizzy and fall down. HA!


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