Thursday, August 7, 2014

KIKO Infinity Eye Shadows in 237, 239, 240 and 217

Ahoy, me makeup mateys!  I mentioned a trip I made to the KIKO shop in the Garden State Plaza the other week and among the picks, I chose four matte eye shadows from the enormous Infinity eye shadow range.  By enormous, I mean taking up a huge section of display area with dozens and dozens of colorful eye shadows in a whole host of finishes.
in Stewwwwwwwdio lighting
I said to myself, "Self, go crazy.  Pick the craziest colors you can find in the most blingy of all finishes."  How did I do?

These individual pans click into the Clics palette system which comes in three, nine and twenty-four pan configurations.  The pans are not magnetized since they click into the palettes.  I just picked up the pans because I can always apply a metal sticker and use my preferred Z Palettes.  The Clic system and eye shadow pans remind me of the Urban Decay system.

I've actually been highly coveting the Viseart matte palettes but have been holding off because some of those shades might not be ones I would actually use.  Also these matte KIKO shades I selected greatly expands my matte eye shadow collection and...cheeep and cheeeeeerful at $8 a pop.
swatches in UNNATURAL lighting
  • 237 is a ight slightly pinky beige shade.  I've been using this to blend out edges, but I think it is too cool for me for that function.
  • 239 is a light putty beige shade.  GAH!  Lately, I am really struggling with color descriptions!
  • 240 is a medium cool grey brown.
  • 217 is a medium warm brown.
When I was playing with them in the store, they swatched really nicely.  Each are moderately pigmented, but the swatches above are two layers (with fingertip) so by no means highly pigmented.  

I've become unfortunately picky about eye shadow textures recently where perfectly loved textures from brands no longer performed the way they used to.  Is this AGE?!!!  I was really pleasantly surprised at how nicely these matte shadows looks on my lids.  They are very smooth and apply really nicely with a brush, and kick up very minimal dust.  They blend really easily and don't get all muddy and chalky on my eyelids.  

Lasting prowess:
I always apply all eye makeup over Nars Pro Prime.  They are not bullet proof, because I saw some noticeable fading at the end of a long day but they held up well into that day.

A brand I often cite as my standard for beautiful mattes is Rouge Bunny Rouge.  They have some of the dreamiest and smoothest formulas around.  They have a very teeny offering of shades, and I wish they would expand it!  I would gobble those up.

lighting up with HOT FIRES OF HELL lighting
Here are my new KIKOs compared to my Rouge Bunny Rouge standard bearers: Chestnut Napped Apalis, Go Grey Away Lourie, and Black Pepper Jay.

I think you can see some quality differences right away, especially for CNA and GGAL which are much more richly pigmented and smoother in application.  One swipe!  Black Pepper Jay is just a tab patchy with one swipe.
in studio lighting
While not as rich and pigmented as my Rouge Bunny Rouge mattes, the KIKO Infinity mattes add some welcome variation in tones to my matte singles.  They are a wonderful value as well.

I think the next time I am at the shop, I would like a warmer version of 237.  Any suggestions on a color to fit the bill?

Do you notice that the pictures are kind of weird?  I recently purchased a inside lighting situation so I'm giving that equipment a try.  The foam board I have been using recently has gotten filthy so I purchased this display board that can be wiped down.  I also got some new studio lighting which is giving me some grief in being able to white balance correctly.  I think the pictures above look a bit weird (but close).  I think changing my lighting set up completely made me unable to take pictures!  I have a giant load of blurry pictures in the trash.  Oy, time to read up on the manual again.  I also purchased a light tent that is so comically large that I think I can put my whole makeup stash in there!  Ha!  Hopefully you can bear with me while I figure this situation out.

KIKO currently has US shops in the Woodbridge shopping center and Garden State Plaza, both in New Jersey.  There is no telephone order and no webshop available.


  1. They look spectacular for the price! Really feeling the 237 and 239. I think matte are great indicators of a brand's ability to make good shadows. Very interested to know more about your new equipment! I'm saving up to invest in new gear.

    1. They are not chalky at all, just not terribly pigmented. So I think for the price, they are excellent buys...especially for the purposes of incorporating some easy blending shades and such.
      My new equipment is a work in progress. I seem to have a big bias against all indoor light as my pictures just are awful (my lack of skills) even in bright light. I have to keep at it. What are you looking to get, noodlies?

  2. Ooo I like 239! I was going to say it reminded me of Bobbi Brown Cement but it looks cooler, I love it! Great mattes and I so envy your RBR! :)

    1. Oh yes, the BB Cement is a true classic! I wish RBR had a wider range of mattes. They are wonderful eye shadows.

  3. Boo to the no phone no online shopping :-\ Have you tried the Kiko eye sticks? Love this post, thanks for sharing, definitely a destination if we ever go to NJ side!

    1. :) Lots more to do in NJ than just KIKO, but yes, a good perk to being in this part of NJ.

      I picked up 2 eye sticks. So far, not as in love with those as with these eye shadows.

  4. Out of these I have 240. Every time I step into a Kiko store I gravitate towards the neutral eyeshadows like these, specially the lightest ones because they are my go-to for any look, either an all-over-lid for just mascara or as a transition and browbone colors for a more intense looks. I don't love their colorful shades, for this I prefer Makeup Geek, Inglot, Mac ,etc.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Hue Rocks! Any other things from the brand that you think are good to check out?

    2. I usually keep buying their Nail polish removers and Cleansing oils when they have some discount going on (although the regular price is already a bargain). The nail polishes are ok and they have a big color range, specially with a discount like now (between 0.50€ and 2.90€). I read good reviews of their Long Lastig Stick Eyeshadows and their sunblocks (they even have one for the eye contour area), but I don't own any. I have 2 of their Ultra Glossy Stilo and I like the formula, it's very comfortable, not sticky at all, they are creamy but sheer and leave a sheer stain. I also have the Smart Lipstick in 914, which is a dupe for MAC's Rebel. What Iike about Kiko's lipsticks is the light scent (like MAC maybe?) and the finish, it doesn't look cheap at all! Overall, to me Kiko has some really good products that I'll always repurchase (miles away from other low cost brands such as MUA, etc.) but they tend to use shimmer on most of their products (eyeshadows, blushers, bronzers, lipsticks,...) which I dislike, this is why I really love their matte eyeshadows so much! I hope you have the chance to try more of their products!

  5. I've never heard of the brand before, so thank you for introducing me to it! :D Are these shadows the same size as MAC shadow refills? For $8 a pop, it's not the cheapest but I'd still like to try a few shades myself! Oh wait, there's no phone/web order. :(

    I'd totally get the #240. I'm always drawn to brown with grey undertones. ^_^

    1. :) Happy to introduce you! My european makeup friends are quite fond of the brand, so I've been so excited to check them out in person. Hopefully the brand will continue its expansion AND open up that dang website for ordering! 240 is a great shade!

  6. These KIKO shadows look nice... but is it weird that I wish the pans were rectangular, so they'd be easier to store in a Z-Palette? At any rate, you made me crave some more neutral mattes for my collection.

    Yeah, studio lighting is a bit of a b*tch to figure out. Although I've always had 'daylight' bulbs for my studio lamps, the white balance is way off - I usually try to correct that while editing. But lighting is always going to be skewed like that, every type of lighting, natural or otherwise, has some sort of a color temperature to it that brings out different tones within the product you're trying to photograph.


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