Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Still Working Through Those Z Palettes

How are you all doing?  I thought you would like to cleanse your Wondegondigo blog butt brain with a refreshing and cute picture of the little fawn, this time accompanied by the mother.  Aren't they just so gorgeous?  Of course, as the little fawn lifts it rear leg up to scratch all I can think about is a tick infestation and potential Lyme disease running rampant in my back yard.  Still, you can't deny the cutes.  Very cutes.  The mom has been tagged by the town with the number 8.  We call her 8.  That's her name.
Now back to official blog business of ass, half sized.  Today is Mitsucha.  I wore this on a previous weekend where I had the rare occasion to attend a party and I was able to escape my cage for a few hours to imbibe and eat.  I wore a similar, more evening version of what I am wearing here.

I've been picking up some more color on my face, and in this look I really amp it up with a heavy application of bronzer.  Today I am wearing the Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Bronzer in shade 2, previously featured here.  For the party, I wore Tom Ford Bronzer Pancake Saucer in Gold Dust, which is more golden and heavy shimmery.
Products used in this look:
Base: Cle de Peau Silky Cream Foundation in O20 (I think dc, this is an old non-spf version), Rouge Bunny Rouge liquid highlighter in Sea of Showers, Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Finishing Powder, LM Matte Baked Radiance Bronzer
Eyes: SUQQU Mitsucha eye shadow palette, Tom Ford Espresso eye definer, Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara, SUQQU brow palette in Moss Green
Cheeks: Tom Ford Ravish blush, Burberry Earthy blush to contour
Lips: Rouge Bunny Rouge Whim of Mine lipstick
With highs starting to dabble into the high eighties, I am totally in the summer frame of mind.  Bring on the bronzer!  Bring on the glow!

I totally impressed myself by using my big girl camera and not my phone camera for these pictures.  Maybe this isn't a 100% half assed post, but originally I was hoping to get into a more comprehensive bronzer thing.  I am not a big user of bronzer, letting the sun do its own thing (I tan like crazy regardless of sun protection I use), but wanted to show off some uses of the Tom Ford Gold Dust, compared to the more natural Laura Mercier, and then also the very versatile liquid bronzer from RBR.  But then I lost steam.  Sigh.

I don't know, dudes.  I am totally losing the blogging mojo.  Yup.


  1. Ooohhh!! Looking gooood with your summer bronzy glow!!
    You've reminded me of my own LM matte bronzer thingy, must dig that out and use! I've been mostly reaching for my Chanel Les beiges from last year, gonna see if I can pan it in my lifetime.

    1. Thanks NOODLIES! All those big powder stuffs are impossible to use. Though in a past, less makeup obsessed lifetime, I did use up two Bobbi Brown pressed powders. I wonder if possible to use up the LM bronzer. *SLATHERS ALLL OVER SELF, HUSBAND, CHILDREN, NEIGHBORS*

  2. Ohhh, what a pretty look...I'm going to be daring and say that I actually prefer you in warm colors! :) This is such a summery, natural, bronzey, *pretty* look AND your skin is wonderful here! Truly one of my favorite looks I've seen you do!

    1. :) I seem to tilt in preference to cooler shades (especially on eyes), but there is something very harmonious about my skin tone + warm things. Because... iz yellow. Many thanks about my skin, have applied piles of glowing products to make look noice.

  3. I like your natural and healthy look! *stares at flawless skin

  4. The contour color looks right on, not too dark or muddy. Very sun-kissed natural.

    1. I find neutral tans (like the Burberry) much more easy to wear than a cooler grey/taupe like Chanel Notorious. It's probably not very natural or color accurate to real shadows on my skin, but I give up a little accuracy for a lot more ease. :)

  5. Ooooooh, I love this look on you...so soft 'n pretty 'n light!!! Love the hair too!!!


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