Monday, June 9, 2014

Continuing through that Z Palette

Continuing along with my half-assed recent posts, here's the next installment of that Z Palette.

Let's see, I covered 01 Kakitsubata and 03 Matsukasa, so today here is 04 Keshizumi.  Keshizumi is the grey palette that has abundance of layering magic.

I took a day off from work today and husband and I went to see a matinée.  Doesn't everyone wear gobs of makeup for a matinée?

04 Keshizumi

Base: SUQQU Frame Fix Cream N in 002.  Ellis Faas concealer under my eyes.  Rouge Bunny Rouge Impalpable Finishing Powder.
Eyes: Keshizumi quad in a vertical gradient and layered shades over a smudged Tom Ford Espresso liner on my upper lash line.  Lancome Hypnose Drama WP mascara.  SUQQU brow palette in Moss Green.
Cheeks: Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline
Lips: Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips in Soft Rose Beige

This is date-worthy makeup for sure.  While munching on buttered popcorn in the darkened theater waiting for the previews to start, Mr. Belly states, "All this popcorn is going to give you gas.  I will give you a Gas-X when we get home."

Ah!  Who said romance and romance worthy makeup is dead?  :)  What gas?


  1. Oh lovely, I agree about the layering magic of this one and you have some tan going on, which looks hot :-*

    1. I can't help getting tan in the summer! This summer I am going to load up on the bronzer and just love it up!

  2. Looking radiant as always. Sorry I haven't stopped by recently. I finally left Twitter and Facebook and have it narrowed down to Instagram and occasional blog posts. Pardon my English, but to much BullShit for my liking so I had to step back a bit. Enough on my tangent. I hope your keeping well. You look great and ahhh men they have perfect romantic comedy timing don't they? LoL

    1. Hi hun! I've missed you on twitter and but glad you're focusing your attention on things you really want to concentrate on!
      Men... can't live with them... can't live with them. :)

  3. Such a gorgeous look! Grey is so often forgotten and overshadowed by other colours, I don't think I've worn a grey look for years, but you're proof that it's a beautiful, timeless shade.
    Purdy makeups + popcorn + gas = romantic gold!

    Re Cool Lavender: I've just clicked that one of the YSL Kiss Blush duo things is a lavender-y shade, #9 I think, even though it's named rose something. It does pull pink on my redness-woe cheeks, but if I layer a very pale cool lilac on top, it's very lavender on me (I have this multi-use gel pencil from Etude House that's a white-grey lilac that really does make me look corpse-y). Still the hunt continues for that one magical product.

    1. I do love greys! This is the palette that got my love of greys going. I love how magical these shadows looked layered and it's such a sexy, smoldering palette....while completely sophisticated at the same time. Plus gas = niiiiice.

      Heheheh! Thanks for reporting back on your hunt, noodlies!

  4. I like the greys on you a lot, especially paired with that TF espresso liner. orpheline is like the perfect blush choice! I actually am inspired now to pull out some neutrals and I think I need that TF espresso liner XD / Claire xxx

    1. Claire! Thank you for your sweet comment. I swear Orpheline never fails to looks perfect with anything. I put this on with pretty much everything/anything when I don't know what to use for blush.

      And Tom Ford Espresso is my go to for 90% of what I do for my eyes. ;)

    2. I already noticed that haha. I think that's the reason why I am suddenly lemming that espresso liner, I believe gummy has mentioned it on her blog as well. I need to swatch that baby and see if it will do the magic for me as well ;) can't wait for himesango, that's one of the two quads I haven't purged D; / Claire xxx


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