Saturday, March 22, 2014

Skincare - How I Break Good Things

When I posted about my AmorePacific skincare routine, I also mentioned that I was determined to try some different things.  One of the first things I did was replace the AP Time Response Gel Creme with Mandom Barrier Repair Baby Moist Cream.  My reasoning was, AmorePacific's description of its active ingredients sound awfully so like cosmetics company jargon that sounds scientific but is full of bull.  Mandom stuff by contrast has stuff like hyaluronic acid for deep moisturization and sounds a bit more ... er... scientific like?  Anyway, I liked it well enough during the depth of winter so I went and ordered the rest of the products in the range.  The price of these items (which I ordered from Adambeauty) was a microscopic fraction of the price of AmorePacific.
Here are the additional items I've purchase:

  • Baby Moist Lotion - which is actually a very liquid-y toner
  • Baby Moist Milk - a super lightweight lotion
  • Concentrate Serum
  • said Baby Moist Cream
When you order things from adambeauty, it takes a bit of time to arrive.  So in the few weeks I've been waiting for these various things to arrive, I've gotten supremely, unjustifiably lazy with my skincare especially for my PM.  (Someone tell me if the Baby Moist name sounds disturbing as well)

  1. Cleanse with Shu Uemura oil (going to finish this so I can fully transition to my coconut oil and Eve Lom).
  2. Maybe double cleanse with CeraVe gentle cleanser if I feel inclined.
  3. Apply some retin-a micro (2x a week)
  4. Apply Mandom cream.
....which turns out to be not enough.

You know, I thought being in my forties and having nice looking skin was mostly through luck.  Ha, so newp.  Apparently skincare is a big part of it.  And who knew, my AmorePacific million dollar routine was really a big part of it!  *smacks forehead*

So dang.  Poor Mandom stuff had better really hustle and go fix up my face now.

Meanwhile, I took all sorts of makeup-less photos of my face to show how terrible I look.  And of course, nothing quite captures the blah.  I do notice these days that makeup sits kind of on top of my skin and everything looks drier and more powdery.  Huh, nice.  And flakes seem to come and go with more regularity.
I'm in a yellow room, in a yellow shirt, with my yellow face
Picture doesn't look terrible at all.  See, this is where a new macro lens would come super handy because then you would see fine lines radiating from the corners of my eyes and towards my cheek.  It's not the aging and the lines that bother me.  It's that it happened in 4 weeks.  Hmmm.  Black Magic.
My goal is to throughly gives these new products a go.  At the very least, from the few days I've used it, my skin seems to tolerate whatever active ingredients are in there.  I shall report back in the future with a more through assessment.  Let's give these bottles a big round of applause and some encouragement.  You see, they are going to help me put some more money into my wallet.  That's some big job.

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Have you also made some big changes to your skin care routines?  How is it going for you?


  1. Aw that's frustrating - I've bought a few new things recently and i'm not sure if they are working for me either - malin & goetz cleanser, healgel moisturiser and glycolic acid pads. I think its just not the right balance of products.

    1. Bahhh :( for you, too. I think people can tinker around a really really long time until they land on something that works right for their skin. :(

  2. I see no lines, no wrinkles, no pores, what are you talking about?? Get rid of that macro lens and don't make us jealous here..
    O.k. wrinkles aside, I concur with you. I think that as I age I saw many of the fine lines are actually not "lines" per se (or am I in denial?) but more like dehydration. So, I'd say maybe that those fine lines that you saw appearing in 4 weeks are just that. What do you think? When I was traveling in Asia (aka humid, hot weather), my skin looked 200% plumper, my "eleven" between my eyes disappear (sans botox), ditto on eye area.
    And speaking of Asian skin care, I do notice that a lot of brands really focus on making skin look hydrated or "tsuya tsuya" as the Japanese may call it. They also stress a lot on order of skin care, and the way you apply skin care. I'm currently testing Albion, and their premise is always to put skin care in this order: milk, lotion, serum, cream. Counterintuitive, I know, backed by less science, for sure, but so far it works. I'm off to checking Mandom stuff now, hope it works as well for you!

    1. STOOPID STOOPID POOR PICTURE TAKING! I swear, there are weird lines! I think you are absolutely right. My old routine was very hydrating ingredient heavy, so I do think it has a lot to do which being dehydrated. Makes a lot of sense where you were in humid lands, your skin would appear plumper. Me too in summer I am oilier (oh joy!) as well as generally hydrated. The winter dryness and cold really tend to pull a number on me.
      In the Albion, is the milk a toner? or no? I wonder why they swap the order of the milk and lotion? So far, the Mandom concentrate serum seems pretty good! :) crossing the finger for your Albion & my Mandom.

  3. Honestly, your pictures don't prove any of the shortcomings of the new regimen. I do understand how frustrating it could be, though!
    To think about it, I haven't used "really expensive" ones in a long time. Couture brand skincare tend to disappoint me especially when you think about the "quite expensive" price, so I rather spend about the same on pharmaceutical brands or cheap out for trustee drugstore brands like Avene, Vichy or even Olay.

    1. Bahhhh! MY POO PICTURES! :)
      I'm determined to find something that has the right value to price ratio. Not that the AP wasn't awesome (because now I really notice since having stopped it), but for that price, I feel like it should be doing my laundry and the dishes, too. Am I asking for too much?

  4. I am very interested to see how this much-less-pricy skincare ends up working out for you! I really love the Mandom Concentrate Serum.

    1. Emi, the serum feels really nice so far!

  5. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the mandom stuff will work for you. I totally understand that urge to try something different and cheaper. I’ve been using Kanebo Sensai skincare for about 10 yrs. now, and I’ve tried to replace it with cheaper stuff - I always keep crawling back to it. I can stray partly but never completely from Kanebo. I’ve tried going more green, but in most cases my skin hates botanicals. After a few weeks without Kanebo, my skin becomes dehydrated, ruddy and flaky and I can also see those dehydration lines others have mentioned. My skin also hate most actives. I’ve tried numerous AHA/BHA/retinaldehyde/VitC formulations - they all made my skin freak out. I am currently giving Haba White Lady and Dr. Wu’s mandelic acid a try (we all know who inspired that ;)), and *knock on wood* I haven’t had an adverse reaction so far, which is a big suprise to me.
    (Oh, and I did see that Dyptique candle *sniggers*)

    1. bastet, I was hoping you would tell me how you made the switch from KS to Ivory soap bar and a jar of petroleum jelly and how your skin has never been better. Lie to me? D:

      :) Ahhh! Your current products seem to do doing some nice things for several other folks inspired by...! :)

      You like my candle? *bats lashes innocently*

  6. I might need to get some Mandom Baby Moist just so I can giggle at the name every time I'd use it. I agree with the others on that you still look like you have amazing skin!

    There have been times when I switched skincare, and my face protested with yuckiness, forcing me to crawl back to the previous stuff and beg forgiveness. But after some time I'd try the fail-stuff again, and it would work wonderfully. Women's skin, one of life's deepest mysteries.

    1. :) Moist Babies. Round Moist Babies. On your face.

      Stupid skin needs to be broken and trained to make sweet love to the cheap stuff. That's where it's at.

  7. My dear, there ARE no actives in Mandom, which is kinda the point -- this is very bland, basic stuff that just keeps the skin barrier moisturised. Though for me, only the serum and masks are any good. The others don't provide nearly enough for my dry skin. And if you're on Retin-A, you probably need heavier hitter just in the plain moisturising department too.

    1. ;P ahahaha! I see, this must be why my skin is going...sooooothing. I also tried a little round of niacinamide and my skin don't like that one, either. I think the cream has hyaluronic acid which seems good, but not enough. I like this serum though!
      I'm going to stick it out. Also, since it's getting warmer, I think it tilts the odds in the favor of Mandom. If I were doing this in the winter, I would be crawling back to AP in lickety split!

  8. May I ask why is that dypthique candle over there? lol
    I would also like to ask why are you changing to coconut oil? I find it great for hair, but not a wise idea for skin since I've heard from many that causes break outs -in fact, many people over SCB are really frightened by it, including the occasional poster you find in me.
    I've been pretty loyal lately to my Skin79 skincare, I haven't changed my routine in a while and the main reason is that I've found myself to be sensitive to many unusual ingredients that I can't risk to try much new. My skin is doing fine at the moment, except for periodical hormonal break outs.

    1. :) Ha! Funny you & bastet mentioned it. I like to make myself laugh. Also it's the Roses one which does smell pretty nice. Ahahaha! *giggle cough*
      I love coconut oil so far! My skin tends to be generally tolerant and I love how it works as a makeup remover and massaged into my cuticles. I think people mentioned they've had horrible reactions to it, but so far I've been pretty lucky. :D Smells delicious, too!
      I'm glad you're liking your routine! It makes a lot of sense to stick to it since you tend to experience some sensitivities to things.

  9. oh sweetie, I know what you're feeling! In our 40's skin doesn't turn over as quickly, the cells stick together, add dry indoor heat and winter air and we all look lifeless.
    I don't like coconut oil at all as a face cleanser, supremely greasy, nice for hands and feet but on face...beware...

    I started using clean cheap washcloths along with Kate Somerville facial cleanser gentle and cold water. Next, Skinceutical B serum--lots of hyaluronic acid to plump sans grease--and seal it in with Shiseido Ibuki cream. .
    Check out SHiseido's Ibuki line, very soothing and moisturizing, reasonably priced comapred to others.
    And i followed my derms' advice to crank up the retin A to 3 nights a week, mon-wed-fri, and compensate with extra moisturization on the off nights. It seriously helped get the flakes and dullness off. I weaned back to just 2 nights a week after things looked better.
    I also recently used Chanel Le Weekend just on sat and sun night, it's wonderful. It does tingle a bit with the low glycolic acid at first but the next morning my skin is so soft and pink, rested!
    Don't write off salicylic acids and glycolic acids for blackheads and fine lines, as long you properly moisturize afterwards and be gentle on your face, it's quite wonderful.
    An at home facial will do wonders for your spirit. Look up Lisa Eldridge's how to or pamper yourself and go get one. It does feel nice :-)

    1. Herro Silvita!!! I actually noticed the skin blah's in my 30's. All the youthful radiance kind of went poof. Adding Retin A micro at a low concentration really seemed to help (and help the zits, which is a gift that keeps on giving even after your teenage years. What's up with that?!). I wonder if I should pick up the retin A frequency a bit more. I seem to be prone to dehydration and flakes so I try not to over do it.

      I really really love coconut oil! :) This is something I need a second cleanse for because of its supreme oiliness. I can't just leave it on my skin. I like manual exfoliation too! That's probably my more favored method of exfoliation because I can better control how deeply I am doing it. I use the muslins that come with the Eve Lom cleanser, which is awesome to use after a good oil rub. ( recently saw LEs video too!)

  10. I was trying to find a new ss and my skin has been shitty at me for trying and maybe Suqqu reset oil isn't getting rid of it too, going back to fancl soon. I tried a new lotion smells like sugar water to me and I felt sick. I'm sticking to my SKII treatment essence with hada labo lotions. Chin has been plagued with pimples and antibiotics are not doing anything.

    1. When I get little bottles of the Suqqu, I always use it up, but I never think to purchase one. Seems okay, not amazing. Have you tried the Suqqu SS? That was ok, too, but remains me a lot of other alcohol-y Japanese SS.


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