Friday, March 14, 2014

Life is Better Family Sized

My posting schedule has been mostly non-existent and erratic and sparse.  Work has truly been kicking my sorry snow-butt and I am exhausted.  With daylight savings, I had high hopes for sunlight later in the day with maybe a scant chance to take pictures?


I'm deprived of sunlight, free time, time with family.  Life sucks.

So instead of cuddling up with my neglected family, I am cuddling up with my Family Sized bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I don't know.  It's a meager substitute for family, but peanut butter and chocolate is pretty nice.  Before the sugar crash, headache and crankiness. 
I can't turn this. >:( CRANKY

I actually have been very makeup occupied.  Let me show you what I've been obsessing over.  After weeks and weeks of trying to decide what I wanted to get from Suqqu's SS14 releases, I finally decided!  And so much thank you and drooling over Nicole from Swatcharama who helped me!  I waited for a long time for the all the product releases to show up on the Selfridges website, but it just kind of didn't.  And while I shop from Ichibankao from time to time, when ordering several pieces, the math just isn't in my favor.


I picked of two of the eye shadow quads, Mitsucha (15) - bottom left and Yomogiiro (17) - bottom right.  And picked up the new Bright Up lipstick in Akaanzu (07).  So far, I've only played with the lipstick and Yomogiiro, but OOOOH.

I plan on doing actual posts on all of these things, of course, but I did want to share some pictures of my experimentation with Yomogiiro.

Look 1 with a more precise placement than my norm.  Green on the lower lash line.  The base shade all over the top lid, lavender on top and a mix of brown & green smoked into the upper lash line.  Akaanzu Bright Up on the lips. blush side of Suqqu Face Palette EX-03 on cheeks.
Look2, which is more of the muddled smokey placement I tend to do with the shades layered.  Same products as the above look.
Look 3, which is a variation on the 1st look, but building out the green only on the inner and outer corners and brown on the center lash line otherwise.  Suqqu Creamy Glow in 08 Keshiaka (d/c).  Can't recall the blush because yesterday remains a mystery to my short-term memory.
I like em!  Sorry these are kind of mediocre phone pictures, but I hope you can see the muddy, smokey delight that is Yomogiiro.  Let me work on some better photos in the meanwhile of the product and swatches and all that good stuff.

I am just so darn relieved I can see the end of the work week.  Just so very relieved.  I've been reduced into a puddle of tired sticky goo.

How has your week been, everyone?  What's happening for you this weekend?  Any new products you've been playing with that is delightful?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Emi! I thought I'd clean it up a bit.

  2. Reese's, Suqqu and your flawless face in one same post!? I cant even.

  3. Replies
    1. Exactly. Not much in the makeup world better than brand spanking new Suqqu.

  4. We've missed you!
    Love this new layout of your blog. Very fresh and spring appropriate!

    I'm not doing so hot ever since the DST started. I want us to stop this pre-mordern thing (although I know it's better for the retails..), but hey, if it helps you to take gorgeous pics of you new goodies! ;)

    Wish you a great weekend and hope you feel recharged soon!

    1. DST really makes everything tougher, though i'm appreciating the little more sunlight. Also, its been getting warmer which is making me so hopeful for Spring!! :) Thanks for your sweet comment, Lena!

  5. Yes to peanut butter cups and new makeup! Boo to work overload and missing family!

    1. :) Since it's weekend now, I've been squeezing my kids tight.

  6. Hey I love the new look of your webpage and new looks of your face ;-)
    My favorite is still the smokey look on you, I think it fits you so nicely but other two are also very nice. I am glad that you got your hands on these quads, so they were available at the counters after all (but not on website?)
    It was a kind of hard week for me too but I was not looking for the weekend because I have to get ready for the lecture I am giving on monday, which is 3 hours *sigh* anyway I will figure something out on sunday, tomorrow I shall relax! ;-)

    1. Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Saturday! Good luck with the lecture on Monday!!!

      I don't know why they don't coordinate product availability between the counters and the site better. It's kind of a sad thing for us international customers.

  7. Sorry to hear that. :( But it be the weekend and there are things to eat! *hugs*

    I have lipstick on the brain and am thinking of picking up a couple of brighter shades for the warmer weather. Being 2 years behind everyone, I think I'm into glossy stains now. Rescued one from the purge pile; used my finger to dab-layer instead of applying with the wand, and it was much better than when I first used it. I also caved on Akaanzu! :D

    1. The YSL glossy stains? XD I SO SO SO want to love them. I just can't deal with the scent. I spend a lot of time at the YSL counter that they are beginning to suspect I'm going to buy a pile or make a huge grab/run.

      Akaanzu is really nice! I think you're going to love it, too!

  8. I love how harmoniously the green & the lavender complement each other in this palette, never in a million years I'd thought of that combo myself, yet it all just look "done" not "look, here's the green!" or "here's the lavender." Blah blah blah, wordy words to say, "Looks good! Now, where's the swatch and other good stuffs?"

    Glad your week is over, sounds like a grueling one. We are fighting jet-lag here and can't wait to get into normal routine, so sleep is in order this weekend.

    1. I love how these weird colors in the palette do work so well. I would never put something like this together if I were choosing from singles. I appreciate the creative thought that goes into composing these things. :) It actually swatches a lot more meh, than applies on the eyes.
      I am looking at your vacation pictures to Asia!!! I want to go, too!!! Get back to time zone and hope you are adjusting well!!!

  9. Oh Darling I live for fridays, 7:00 pm to be exact for that's when I put on my pj's! :) And on Saturdays I can pig out on a big bag of salt & vinegar potato chips that I barely share with my daughter! Bad mom I know but it's for her health really it is!

    Love the new design and love these looks on you especially the smokey eyes. Makes you look m.y.s.t.e.r.i.o.u.s. and v.a.m.p.y... :D

    1. LOL! Her health. Hey salt/vinegar chips are my secret snacks on the train ride home every once in a while. When I eat one of those, my eyes glaze over and then i go into instant bloat mood. But still, SOSO good!

  10. *Saves for mu application reference

    I have that ysl 57 lipstick on the brain after seeing it in person. I have been on a brown, gold and green kick lately with Burberry e/s.


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