Saturday, November 16, 2013

Haul, Huh-All, Howl

Happy weekend, everyone!  Thank you for making my recent blog sale successful!  That was a tough round of editing my collection, but ultimately felt good letting go.

With makeup drawers feeling loosely packed, and my digital wallet feeling slightly fuller, I may have "broken" my no buy.  "Broken" is a funny word, conjuring up feelings of betrayal and misplacement of trust.  Who did I betray anyway?  Myself?

Two full months of a no buy did make me feel deprived.  I realize I need little things along the way that breaks up the consumption-less conundrum.  Is there some way to consume in a reasonable manner that doesn't break the figurative bank and does "break" me?  Hoping yes, because I seem to be marching that way.

I completed an awesome swap for a new pretty recently, too.  Feeling pretty good today actually.  Sound, responsibly spending and developing ways not to buy ALLLLLL the things.  I've developed some extra neurotic thinking that seems to curb my buying habits so I will keep doing that weirdo thought dance.


  1. I do believe that the self-imposed no buy will leave me feeling deprived if I cannot find a suitable substitute to direct my spending energy. Most of the time, this is when I caved in to drug store items (and inevitably, those are the first to get tossed, too :-() Two full months is a long time, Belly and you ought to be proud of yourself!! Enjoy the little treats & maybe you'll blog about them, too.

    1. :) I've learned a few things the last few weeks… mostly that self deprivation kind of blows chunks. I am going to enjoy my upcoming goodies with some extra savor.

  2. Green shoots <3
    No-buys are too much deprivation for me, too. I applaud you for not going on a mad rampage after a wee fall off the wagon! *smooches*

    1. I am growing a small indoor garden of herbs. That's my cilantro plant seedlings. I think you guys across the pond call it coriander?
      I was begin to froth at the mouth so it became apparent to give myself a bit of room to let off some steam before I went insane and bought, say, the total ichibankao shop. :DD

    2. PBI meant to comment how lovely those mini herb gardens are! I used to have one, until I ate them all up :-D

    3. Those seedlings are cute. What did you get to be worthy of breaking your no buy?

    4. @ Claire & Linda, aren't they so cute? I can't wait to EAT them! :D

      I may have splurged on some THREE or not. Probably yes.


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