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Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Hanaazuki EX-15

Today's post is a bit different than most.  Today I will show you when things spectacularly fail!  Burn burn burn!
Looks harmless
Readers of Wondegondigo know that I am a dedicated fan of the Suqqu brand and many things in the brand appeals to my sensibilities.  The Autumn offering of the three limited edition quads included this one that I will show you today, Hanaazuki EX-15, as well as Benichagasane EX-16 (shown here), and Hatsushimo EX-17.

Last spring, I ended up purchasing all three and ended up letting one go (here, here, here).  This go around, I wanted to limit the duds and keep to ones I was pretty sure would work.  I was also trying to balance between colors that would be more likely to be guaranteed winners and be daring enough to try colors I am not normally drawn to.  Hisuidama from Spring was a surprising winner, that despite its generally cool and pale tones was a very successfully palette and very wearable. 

Looking among the three available from autumn, I had to try to limit my potential liabilities.  Hatsushimo was pretty easy to cross of my list because despite looking marvelously tempting on Kate the Driveller (here)  I knew those cool clear tones would unlikely fare well on my skin.  Also that complex dirty olive in the quad looks delectable but look like rubbed-in dirt on me as something about those greens disagree violently with me.  Benichagasane, as posted earlier, was an easy choice, bring in the warm golds, browns, and complex taupe.  If the hot pink could be conquered, then it would be an easy palette to wear.  Now that's a roundabout way to coming back to the featured item of the day, Hanaazuki.

Hanaazuki from the promo pics seemed easy enough to wear for me.  The split pan of the dusty. grassy green and the matte brown looked particularly appealing and the purply shimmery taupe looked like a paler, less deeply purple Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird.  And while the pale shimmer shade didn't do anything for me this way or that, the palette had a lovely cohesive feel.  And given the geisha inspiration of this collection, I could imagine the palette tones on a beautiful antique kimono.  To see this palette worn by someone who does look spectacular, see Sara from color me loud here.

Let's show the swatches because indeed the colors are beautiful.  Like Benichagasane, the pigmentation and the smoothness are excellent.  The dark liner shade in the split pan is a bit patchy but blends perfectly well on the eyes.

In direct natural light:
 In indirect natural light.
 As per the Suqqu usual, some very beautiful and complex shimmer.
However, pretty swatches do not always mean beautiful on the eyes, right?

On to the blerghhhh!

I try hard (like way too hard) to take pictures on my face that reflect the true tones of the product and in which I still look good.  Do you know how hard it is to triangulate among good light, ogre faces and product trueness?  It's very hard for me.  I spend a lot of time looking come hither at the camera and not understanding all the profusion of the duck face that seems to show up on my pictures.

The first time I tried on the palette, it was distinctly blah.  And I don't mean hellaciously disgusting, but it really didn't flatter me.  Then I used the placement from the Suqqu magazine tutorial (here) and then I had my a-HAAAA moment.  Like wow, certain colors really can look bad.  Then I played around again to pin down what is exactly going so wrong.

In these pictures, I'm wearing foundation and concealer and brow product.  I am wearing each of the color (minus the split pan), in turn on the eyes so you can see how certain colors do nothing, or do something horrible.

Maybe it's the nature of getting older but having that much shimmer (refined as it is) as a big light-refracting feature on the whole of the eye (and under) looks unflattering.  It's not a standout color.  It just comes with the palette, you know.  It's okay.

Now the matte pink.  It looks like a petal pink.  And I've worn other pale pinks on my eyes, but as a color whose depth is very close to my skintone there is very little contrast with my skin.  In addition to the lack of contrast, it's also got a good dose of white in it, and the base pink just sits on my skin like a rash.  Wow,

The taupey shimmer is a bit hard to describe because it seems to shift from brown to purple to mauve but has a ruddy feel to it.  I like the purply nature of it and this is the type of color I would normally make the main shade on my lid.  Seems to suck the color out of my face and is definitely not a good taupe for me.  The depth of the color is perfect but the ruddy tone just does not flatter.  Just yuck.

The split pan is lovely.  The matte brown however is not particularly special as I have lots of matte brown shades.  The green makes me sad to give up because that dusty green is so pretty.

So I do the math, the makeup math:
one unremarkable pale shimmer + one ruddy taupe + one seriously frightening pink + one nice but ordinary brown + one lovely green = bye, bye bye.

Hanaazuki, babe.  This is hard to say, but it's not you, it's me.  We just aren't good together.  Applied as a palette, it looks okay, not amazing.  Sadly for me, if so many individual elements are lacking, then this palette has no place in my collection.  (RUTHLESS, me!)

Have you made any Suqqu Fall purchases, specially the eye shadow palettes?  How are they working out for you?


  1. If I can be perfectly honest, it doesn't look half as bad on you, really! But I agree that it does not particularly highlight your features, either. It is surprising that Hisuidama has so many of the same "feel" to Hanaazuki, but this one does not deliver. You've got a lot of insight that articulates on how I choose a certain palette: depth with respect to skin tone, the undertone of the color, the shimmer (I know, I tend to shy away from shimmers, too lately) and those things are really hard to gauge without trying the palette in person. For the dusky green, I was thinking maybe you can find similar color from the fantastic Shiseido "cocktail" palette?

    1. Thanks Claire. I think the palette colors together doesn't look bad, but doesn't look as good as some of the others. :) Also, I like a palette to be versatile enough to use each color separately as needed and no way I'd do that with the dark taupe and the matte pink, you know? Good idea on Shiseido as an alternative. The Shi green is more minty looking but again a great green. I won't be sad to lose this palette, I think.

  2. OK, I'm usually the first one to say that something looks beautiful on you, but unfortunately, this just doesn't bring out your beauty, which is normally so obvious. It's not that it's too dark or anything, but it's just not being friendly with your skin tone. I hate it when that happens. The last look, with all the shades, is nice, but I've seen you look much better. Sorry it didn't work out, but at least you have many shades that you know are fantastic on you!

    1. Thanks for you honest thoughts, Kate! :) I find some of these things hard to let go because of the price of each item, but especially that dark taupe makes me look a little sickly.

  3. Too bad it was a fail for you, Belly!!! I still think that you look gorgeous wearing it, but then you would have without it as well! <3

    1. Thanks, Helen! I guess this is the price of not getting to try them in person! :) I probably would have fallen for the pretty colors in person anyway.

  4. It's too bad that you don't like it. Just in case you have a second thought, please do try these tutorials from the very talented Erica of whyericawhy:
    I love how she plays with all the Suqqu palletes and makes them very exciting.

    1. I saw Erica's post! She looks fabulous with the placements she tried. I've tried several other placements and everything looks just ok, or really bad. Thanks for referring to erica's blog! Everyone should see it.

  5. Sometimes it just isn't meant to be!

    I know *exactly* what you mean about ruddy taupes and white-based pinks that look rashy...

    1. :) I don't like looking like I'm seeing nauseous.

    2. "seeing" "feeling" same thing. :))

  6. On no, its always worse when its a fail from a brand you are normally a fan of. I have to say I just keep focusing on your lovely clear, smooth skin in your photos.
    I am still unsure if I want to pick up one if the fall palettes or not, the last few Suqqu palettes I have bought have seen a lot less use that my older ones so wonder if I should take that as a sign.

    1. Iz a bummer! :( I guess these things will happen from time to time. Have you seen EX17 in person? That seems like a beautiful palette for you, Clare. But then, what do I know? I keep buying duds!

    2. I can't get to see the line in person, so am reliant on reviews like yours :) I think I might skip the fall palettes.
      I hear you about duds, I've not done to well lately either!

  7. LOL Belly!! I'm sorry but I had to laugh at the transitional pics! More so laughing at myself because the pink shimmer look is exactly what I use to wear OUT IN PUBLIC during my tragic wannabe JPop younger days >_<
    I'm so surprised and sad that Ex12 didn't work for you... you always pull off plummy taupes! Maybe the balance of the mauve-brown was just off :( Such a shame!

    1. Wen, I put up my pictures to be laughed at, so it's all good! :DD
      Don't we do silly things? I do think the pale shimmer isn't bad. That plus a nice smudgy liner would be a nice look.
      This palette makes me sad, since the colors in the palette look so pretty. I think you're right about the balance between the colors in the taupe. That is hellacious looking!


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