Thursday, October 24, 2013

Signing Off - For Now

I won't do the big dramatic "GOOD BYE" like the last time.  And you know how long that lasted, so I imagine maybe gone just like last time?  You know, until I burst with longing to be back and then come running back??  Yah?

I'm not quitting either, since this whole blog situation has been a fun place mentally and I really liked taking up my own corner of the internet.

I expect my tweets to fall off, as will be my skulking around my familar favorite makeup haunts.

Anyway, a break.  Of some unknown duration, clearing out the brains (and bellies) and always playing with the makeups.

See you back soon.


  1. Oh Belly :-((
    I hope you will be back soon. You will be missed!
    A break is always good though, I can understand. Between uni, day job and blog, I am definitely considering the same everyday.

  2. Breaks are always good and they really help to clear the mind but you will be terribly missed. You have one of my favorite blogs and I know I will be checking back daily awaiting your return. :-)

    Hope to see you soon.

  3. well if you need a break, I'll let you off ;) take care and come back soon xxx

  4. We'll so miss you Belly!! I hope you'll be lurking around. Break is nice to have every now and then to gain new perspective. ((hugs))

  5. Let's call it a pause, not a break! *hugs*

  6. You shall be missed, dear Bellly!

  7. Enjoy the cleanse! In the meantime, you'll be missed!


  8. Missing you already.
    I hope you have lots of fun while on your break :)
    Take care :)

  9. Quitting the Beauty Blogging is a logical & consequent step on your no makeup buy mission.
    My aim is to follow your lead.
    Your honest & amusing posts will be thoroughly missed.
    Good luck to you Belly!

  10. Have a good bloggy-break, and hope to see you back soon :)

  11. Already suffering belly withdrawals! :( Please hurry back :*

  12. I feel selfish, because I love coming here and seeing what you have to say. You have the most charming way of making me want to spend munnies... I miss you already.

  13. I will be mewling outside your door until you come back, but until then (soon? please?), have a great break! :)

  14. Have a great break, Belly. We'll all be here when you decide to return.

    i just saw this

    dont go mama belly :(

    1. Now I have that song stuck in my head. Arggles!

  16. awww, sorry to see you go. But yeh, sometimes a break feels better than blogging on


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