Friday, October 18, 2013

Counter Intelligence at Surratt

Friday.  Why isn't every day Friday?

I'm rather conveniently located near Barney's New York and they've recently re-opened their newly renovated beauty floor.  I think they call it Foundation.  Or something?  Remember getting old?  I can barely remember what I saw 1/2 hour ago.

The floor, which you can descend down a gleaming curved staircase leads to a beautifully open and bright floor.  The lighting is bright and you can get a good look at the color (although nothing beats regular light, eh?).  They've added some new ranges into the store.  First is a brand called MAKE, which I couldn't locate as I was wandering around, but I did see the new Surratt line, which is another makeup artist line.  In this case, I was particularly inspired since the line is inspired by Japanese cosmetics.  (New York Magazine write up here)

First of all, it was impossible to grab a surreptitious picture at the small counter.  It was mobbed.  The attentive SA's were so happy to help that every swatch I smeared was immediately offered a cotton pad doused with Bioderma.  Were you onto me, Surratt counter?

My very first impressions are that it's a very tight line, with only color products (no skin care).  The SA mentioned that brushes were in the works.  Please, make them sourced in Kumano like a real deal!  The feel reminds me very much of Addiction (and Nars without the rubberized sex cases).

The blushes and eye shadow singles can be housed in a refillable case, exactly a la Addiction.  Four eye shadow pans can fit the smaller case (or 2 blush, or 2 e/s + 1 blush) or a six eye shadows in the larger case (or 3 blushes, or 2 blushes + 2 e/s , or or or ).

Eye Things
The eye shadows feel very dense.  (more so than Addiction, I think) The one matte shade I played with spread on like butter.  There are a nice glitter and shimmer assortment of colors, but it wasn't a giant myriad of color offering.  They are $20 each.

There was a nice looking eye brow pencil in all the right cool tones. I was excited to play with the eye liner, but I only saw black. Maybe there are others out there. I thought this might be a nice alternative to the THREE ones, but I will need to go back and play.

I saw a shiny black eye lash curler as well as a mascara.  I don't know about you, but it seems the Japanese drugstore mascaras perform better than the high end Japanese ones, so I'm not particularly keen on trying these.

Lip Things
There is a lipstick which is in a tube like the Cle de Peau ones (long skinny tubes), as well as a lip crayon (like THREE or Addiction).  The lip crayon feels very similar to the one Addiction I have but very limited in range.  I think 3 reds and 3 plum/vamp tones.

There's also a tight grouping of lip glosses, including lip transforming super dark (like black) looking one as well as a pale one radianting blue iridescence.

Also lip liners, too.  But I never am into lip liners.

Blushes also feel very dense.  Not nearly as silky as THREE, and significantly denser than my Addiction Revenge powder blush.  There are highlighting, contouring shades along with your normal blush colors.  Nothing particularly grabbed me, but looked nice.

I did see a compact something.  Not sure if that's a foundation.  I don't recall seeing a liquid foundation, but again, I couldn't get very close to the counter.

Here's the one sad picture of what I have.  The three dark lip shades are of the lip crayon, the two brown stripes on the top are two of the eye brow pencil, the one pink is a lipstick and the two black stripes are my attempt at playing with the eye liner.
I know!  I'm a horrible blogging person!  These are the worst swatches EVER.  Yeah, but look at the cute charm bracelet my big Belly kid made me with her Rainbow Loom. 

Have you seen these in person yet?  What do you think?  Are you interested in having me go back for better pictures?  I hope they let me back in and stop offering me makeup wipes. :)

OH!  Also, I bought nothing!  How amazing am I?  Poor blogging entity, tight with the purse strings.  This week I did repurchase my concealer and lip balm as under the rules of my no buy.


  1. My reaction to this is essentially, "Oooooh, shiny, new." Must remember the low-buy.

  2. I want that bracelet!! So cool looking. I read the NY article link and if I were you I'd like to try the mascara!!! It sounds like a winner: tubing, and defying humidity. There's hardly any tubing mascara anymore, the last one that I got was Japanese and it is da bomb. Swatch more eye shadow please! Those dark lip crayons look promising. Lucky you!

    1. I will try to get to the mascara once I get through my pile in the stash! It might be a while. Although lately, I am really loving Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof to death. I am sad to have finished it and trying to use up my various Fasio, KMHM, Fairy Drops, etc etc. :)
      I shall go swatch!

  3. Ah finally! I knew I can count on you, the Belly Columbus of unknown and new makeup territories,to provide some honest opinion without the lurking presence of soft PR.

    And yes please! Swatches of the eye shadows will be highly appreciated. Following the swatches, would you also share your thoughts on the similarities and differences between Surratt and actual Japanese lines like Addiction, Suqqu, and Three? Such a comparison gauge of the quality is, in my opinion, much more reliable than that evil yet enticing NYMag article, which made Surratt sound like its main ingredient was magical unicorn poop.

    Although I live close to a Barneys and am physically able to walk, jump, or leg lunge to a nearby Surratt counter, the idea that an overly eager SA might intrude into my usual bubble of shopping solitude is scary enough to bar me from testing it in person. So, having you carry out this terrifying task for me, would definitely be more magical than seeing mythical creatures.

    *Also, I am a long time reader and lurker. Your writing, along with Kate's, is so enjoyable and different from the rest. So keep up the quirky work and god speed, Belly Columbus!

    - Josie

    1. :) Hmm, I wonder if you are the Josie I am suspecting you are. Thank you for writing in! Your comment means a lot to me that you don't mind my weird rambling and also putting me in the same sentence as Kate. That is too kind and so very flattering.

      Ooh, must consider calling myself Belly Columbus permanently. I go where no one has gone before, except for all the natives already in the land for many millennia, but then overridden by the explorer and given the gift of small pox. :)

      I shall bring my pox upon the Surratt counter and swatch swatch for the internet! *slaps away the makeup wipes, bolding brings forth camera and swatching finger*

  4. YES YES more Surratt swatches please!!! I was contemplating ordering some last night (that's why I asked on twitter) for the last day of the Barneys bag, but chickened out and thought I should do a bit more research first. Plus all the stuff on the website was all for preorder, not to arrive supposedly before november. Last time I called they didn't have Surratt in Chicago, not that there's much in that location I'm counting on Belly Columbus to do more scientific and exploratory experiments!!! LOL!! I'm really interested in the mascara and eyebrow pencil (the site listed 4 colors) so I might just order those anyway. The concealer looks interesting too, but I dare not order w/o seeing in person. I really like the idea of being able to make your own palette! One of these days I just need to get my butt out to NYC for some beauty shopping!!

    1. I will get you some swatches. The eye brow pencils seemed nice. :) You need a trip to NY for SURE!

  5. OH MY GOSH THE LIP CRAYON SWATCHES. Also, cutie rainbow loom bracelet thing!

    1. Doesn't the lip crayons look nice? My guess is that it would be too drying for me, but the colors looks beautifully saturated and rich.

  6. I like your cutie bracelet. Also, that liner looks super black! This is interesting. HMM


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