Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cocktail #3 Stormy Seas - Shiseido Eye Color Bar

Welcome back to my Shiseido Eye Color cocktail series!  Series, by which, I slather on all sorts of colors and see how they turn out and name it something silly.  This palette is absolutely meant for fun and experimentation so whether a look turns out as carefully plotted and intended or applied in a slap dash manner, it's all good.  No particular skill or imagination is required in this look, but I wanted to give a try at a more dramatic and moodier look unlike my other two recent cocktails.  (If you are interested in the rest of the series so far, you can check these other posts: Cocktail #1 The Green Rose is here.  Cocktail #2 The Bunsen Burner is here.)

You've all seen my palette post already.  I've used three colors in the palette to concoct this libation.  I'm using the black Liquorice, the green Menthe, and the blue Curacao. 

What I did on my eyes:
I used my Tom Ford eye definer in Espresso (little nub!) to line my upper lid and also my lower waterline.  I smudged it up with a pencil brush. 
I used Liquorice as a base with a fluffy blending brush (Suqqu L brush) and used to softly shape into an extended wingy shape.  I concentrated the black near the lash line but also softly exteded to my crease.  I also used my pencil brush to softly line my lower lash line.
I used a small brush (Suqqu M) to mix on the back of my hand both the Curacao and the Menthe and applied the blended color over the black base as well as on my lower lash line.
I did some serious blending with my Edward Bess blending brush (maybe a bit too much) and cleaned up the winged shape with a clean cotton bud.

The resulting look is a greyed out but distinctly blue/green look.  Honestly, it looks a bit much for work.  I toned down all the other elements on my face. 
Cle de Peau creamy foundation, Ellis Faas concealer, CdP concealer to spot conceal, less defined brows a la Suqqu brow pen in Moss Green.  Some mascara.  Burberry Earthy for slight contouring under cheeks, THREE blush in 17 Wind Swept Love on cheeks.  Suqqu Creamy Glow lipstick in 06 Umegasumi - a warm and peachy nude.

 Oops, slightly patchy on my eyes from over blending!
  Closer to my eye balls.
The finished look one more time.  What do you think?  Pretty easy, eh?
I notice that some online retailers are out of stock in the palette, but do see it still at the following sites for us in the US:
Have you picked one of these palettes up?  What are your favorite combinations so far that you've tried?


  1. LOVE this one. I'm all in favour of a great smoky eye, but this one is just a bit different because of the blue and green tones. I'm also jealous that you can wear nude lipstick. I can't, I've tried. I look kind of horrifying.

    1. Thanks, Kate! Maybe because the color is so warm I can wear this. In general, a cooler toned nude makes me look like a dead person. It's really horrifying, too. I am not a huge fan of nudes though. :)

  2. That blue shade is beautiful on you! The whole look is, really - I love how you pull off eyeshadow! - but THAT BLUE. Gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Adele! It looks ok in pictures, but it was really too much going on for real life. Although at this point, my family is pretty immune to my makeup that they didn't blink an eye. Isn't it such a pretty blue/green?

  3. The end result looks like a smoky teal and it is gorgeous! It also just occurred to me that I've just never ever done this before: layer coloured shadow(s) over a dark base! This looks more like the LMdB couches de couleur technique than the deconstructivist THREE method? I ought to give the former a shot even though I've always been a bit resistant due to X-Tr3ME hooded lids that swallow colour.

    1. I think it would have been more vibrant over a cream black e/s. I think black powder eye shadow kind of greyed down the whole look. I tried the THREE layered and unlayered and placed, and I have to admit the layering looks a lot better. I think with hooded eyes, we're supposed to bring the color up more, but I always think it looks weird if the lids are a bit more fatty. Am I making any sense?

      Speaking of LMdB, thinking about getting rid of my last kaleidoscope, but I want to hang on to one color! Just one!

  4. Wowza! I love this one. I was wearing a dusky teal shadow the other day, well maybe grey-ish teal? And having problem choosing lip color. Sure, cheek is a no-brainer; everyone knows something greenish/bluish in the eye calls for contour/nude cheeks, maybe a bit bronzer, but for lips? I put on tawny rose, it looked so dated (think Bobbi Brown brown lip color circa 90s ugh). Then I put on a bit of a nude-pink color, bleh, too Barbie-esque. Then I put on a brighter peachy orange, too clow-ny! I think I went with a brownish nude lip pencil and called it a day. Next time I'll dig for a peachy nude instead.

    1. I think 90's browns are making a come back!! :) A good peachy nude is a very clean offset to teal! Please try it.

      But even better, maybe we should both try the full on 90's face!

  5. Beautiful look : )
    Still waiting for my shi bar... I got an email saying in 14 to 21 days.
    What shade is the CdP concealer?

    1. :DD It's coming!
      I use Ocre which is a bit too dark when I get fair but fine in the summer.


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