Sunday, September 29, 2013

Addiction Ready to Wear Eye Palette in Departure

Some of my Addiction eye shadow singles are a tiny bit hit or miss, but the palettes have been a resounding success for me.  I was originally going to pass on the new Addiction Ready to Wear palette, but some of the very early pictures I've seen looked very intriguing.  It is newly released, but it is permanent in the line up, so if it is something you might want to purchase, go ahead and peruse the web for more swatches & reviews.  Unlike the limited edition Basquiat palettes, Departure comes in a plain black case.  It includes a small brush and sponge tipped applicators.
Leaves are starting to turn
 Take a close look at the pans because the shades are spectacular.  Especially if you are a fan of shimmer for wearing or just for looking.

 There is a brown leaning olive with the most incredible profusion of shimmer (pink, green, gold, blue, chartreuse).   A super glittery (but absolutely perfect in quality) periwinkle blue with scattered pink and brighter blue shimmer.  A mid-toned plum with multicolored shimmer.  And finally, a warm soft satin grey with very sparse shimmer.
The pigmentation quality of Departure is very good.  Where the grey is a bit close in depth to my own skin tone, it's a bit hard to spot, but it actually is very well pigmented.  The periwinkle shimmer shade initially applies a bit patchy, but smoothes and blends easily with both a finger tip or a brush.  I've had minimal to no fallout on the days I used this palette.  The plum looks a bit bruised in feel, but is off set by the warm bent of the olive and the soft grey.
Swatching apparatus angled a bit differently.
One of the neatest thing about this palette is how the four shades layer into this incredible sexy murky shade.  On the left I've layered grey + olive + plum + periwinkle shimmer = MURK.
Here's is a closer look at MURK with seems like a color of rather nondescript nature.  I've pretty much failed to capture the absolute deliciousness of this shade because in real life the grey peeps through and then turn olive while still retaining the strong plum tone.  And the KAPOW! from the periwinkle sparkle.  
Here are some blurred shots that capture the shimmers but fail to capture the complexity.  Still, I mean this thing is ridiculously pretty.
Did I tell you that I'm trying out lazy bloggerly ways and figuring out how to take good pictures indoors in artificial light?  This is one such picture below.  Doesn't in anyway compare favorably to the pan pictures at the top of the post.  I don't WANT to be outside when it's snowing and cold.  D:
Anyway, apart from the shimmer that is particularly pretty in Departure, the same beautifully smooth and rich textures of the ME eye shadow singles from the brand.  Nice one, Addiction.  Nice one.  Hope to post some looks in the near future.  I love it paired with Addiction Cheek Polish in Suspicious with plummy, vampy lips.

Have you also been captured and blinded by the shimmers of Departure?


  1. STOP. Seriously. This is my current wishlist: THREE 09 quad and 05 duo, plus like 4 liners; Guerlain Les Perles quad; an Illusion D'Ombre from Chanel Fall, FOUR Cle de Peau singles what am I thinking; and now this. THAT MURKY SHADE IS AMAAAAAZING.

    (All eye products, sigh. My wallet cannot handle all this :D )

    1. Man, I'm glad I'm done shopping. It would be torturous to be in the middle of prioritizing my lemming, you know?? Do you like the CdP eye shadows? Maybe the singles are nice? I kept getting fall out with the one quad I used to have.

  2. Wow, the shimmer/sparkle on this palette is so complex!! I can only imagine it looks even better in person. Yes, I'm with you, I need to find a way to photograph indoor. The sun no longer shines in this part of the world. Can't wait to see your looks!!
    P.S. Do you get all your Addictions from ichibanko?

    1. I was so lucky to have a friend in Japan order these for me. Verrrrry lucky.
      Maybe we need a light box set up or something easy like that? There's something about the sun that shows off multicolored shimmers and makes every color looks so pretty. But now that cold weather and shorter days are approaching, it becomes challenging. No more sun in the PNW?! Already??!!

    2. Yep, no more sun here, this is the vampire country, remember? (cue in the Twilight soundtrack). I don't think a lightbox will showcase shimmer, they are so hard to capture. Some of the best bloggers out there with the best swatch pictures live in Southern California. Coincidence??

  3. You had me at spectacular!!-I really want this quad-it shall be mine!!-Sometimes it is hard to capture shades in all their glory-MURK looks damn fine!

    1. the best murk ever! I'm glad these pictures were helpful, Jo! I hope you enjoy it, too!

  4. Replies
    1. I agree! I love all the soft, the bright, the cool the warm in this palette! :D

  5. blingblingblingblingblingbling murkmurkmurk
    You are speaking the language of my heart, belly!

    1. this bling bling is MADE for you, Kate!


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