Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lipstick Week: Day 4 Coral - YSL GS 7 Corail Aquatique

Day 4 of Lipstick Week brings about another YSL Glossy Stain.  Lucky for you (me?) this is the last one from the sample I received with a recent order from Neiman Marcus.  Today is Corail Aquatique, a peachy coral with golden shimmer.  There is a slight hint of pink, but to my eye, the color pulls predominantly a deep peach.

Compared to the two I've tried, Rouge Laque and Rouge Gouache, Coral Aquatique is less intense in pigmentation and unlike the other two has a fair bit of shimmer suspended in the color.
This color seems more forgiving of my lack of precision and applying a neat lip line.  I do like how each of the colors I tried sit well on my lips without settling in and without feathering despite not using a lipliner.  Points!  The shimmer, while visible doesn't feel gritty on my lips either.  And the applicator that comes with the product (which is the same as what I used with the sample) is really well made for neat and even application.  Points!  But that smell... negative points forEVER.
Here's my angry face.  I'm sure I'm probably annoyed and beyond confused at why the blogger is torturing me with the same product over and over and over again.  WHY?!
I'm convinced that smiling broadly in a blog post will cause a rip in the space time continuum causing destruction, chaos, and loud noises.  Let's not try that.
Hmm, time to dig around the lipstick drawer to figure out the next Lipstick Week post.

Do you like shimmer on your lipsticks?  Are you glad we are at the end of our YSL Glossy Stain journey?


  1. LOL, this one was really fun reading! I think it looks nice on you but I know that smell... I also don't like Volupte Shines scent. I am all for cosmetics without parfume.

    1. Now I'm sad. I'm going to kind of miss those Glossy Stains!
      I think scents really do add something luxurious to cosmetics, but since scents are so personal, it really does tend to alienate a lot of people. *shrugs* oh well.

  2. It looks so good on you!! I wish all companies would start making unscented lipsticks n glosses. Burberry is probably the most strongly scented for me, but they have the most gorgeous colors, so I can overlook that floral scent :D :D

    1. Oh yes, the Burberry scents are also quite strong, but I mind those less.
      The colors are lovely, but their regular lip covers are so drying on me!


  3. I've finally purged all my glossy stains!!! I didn't mind the smell as much as the other ysl lippies I've tried but I totally hear you *ahem tatcha lip balm ahem*

    Lolol at your angry face!! :-)


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