Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Wisdom, Charmed and Pretty Purple

>>All products were purchased by me unless otherwise indicated, one RBR shadow provided by the company<<

Along with two cream blushes in Abundance & Blossoming, I also picked up three eye shadows in Wisdom, Charmed and Pretty Purple.

I purchased these as refill singles from Spirit Beauty Lounge, but they can also be placed into a separate case, which looks beautiful.  But again, since I love to depot and have eye shadows visible (and more frequently used), I just purchased the refills.  I have them in my trusty Z Palette.  Spirit Beauty Lounge specializes in niche, natural and organic (just like Kjaer Weis) and I took advantage of a recent promo with my order.  I also received a small coupon code for following them on Twitter, so look for them!

Here is Wisdom, a well-loved blogger cult favorite of sorts.  I think I first may have ran into it on Modesty Brown in her post here and long had Wisdom on my wish list.  (As an aside, it seems all longing originates from Modesty Brown's post!)

Here is Wisdom.  Its has a lovely glow in the bright natural light.
It's a taupe, of course.  As I mentioned, I usually make taupe my first purchase from a brand, hence my taupe proliferation!  I can see why people love this color and formula.  It is incredibly smooth and pigmented and stands even favorably against my beautiful Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon formula.

Angled to catch the light, you can see there is a sedate level of micro shimmer.  The base color is a lovely mushroom toned grey with some brown in it.
You can see against my skin tone, it has very low contrast against the skin.  I find it sort of fades into my eye lids without showing off any of its prettiness that is apparent in the pan.  I tend to de-saturate colors with my magical skin, so while not surprising, it's a little sad.  I'm hoping to make use of it as a base shade and use some more saturated colors to give more definition when I wear it.
I took some comparison pictures against some similar looking taupes in my collection.
Wisdom is actually pretty different from the others, perhaps similar in color to Rouge Bunny Rouge's Bohemian Waxwing, but not having BW's strong metallic finish.  Finish-wise, Solstice Halcyon seems to have the similar low-glow satin finish.

Next up is Charmed from Kjaer Weis, which is a pale nearly matte nude shade.  It has a very different feel than Wisdom.  While Wisdom is smooth and rich (and the dreaded "buttery" word), Charmed is much harder and drier in texture.  However, the color payoff is pretty good and blends well.  I been surprised with how much I like this color.  It makes an excellent shade for blending out other colors as well a nice color to even out my eye lids.
Here it is with some other nude eye shadows that I use as a base and blending shadow.

  • Shu Uemura P822 is a newer generation eye shadow.  It has a pearl finish, sheer and incredibly hard and dry.  THIS is a terrible color in terms of quality.  Looks similar to the slightly caramel colored Charmed in the pan, but not on the skin.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Chestnut Napped Apalis is one of their nice matte shades.  It is perfectly unchalky.  Love these matte shades.
  • Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracious Arasari* (provided by the company after I shattered mine after a depotting attempt) has a shimmery, slightly metallic finish.  Barely shows up on my tanned skin these days.

Here they are first in indirect natural light.  Believe you me.  I had to WORK to get that stupid Shu shade to show up.
In direct natural light, my current skin tone is making showing up these colors a bit challenging.  Sorry!
Charmed is a surprising winner of my three eye shadow purchases.  While not having the super soft formula I often enjoy from other brands, it makes nice addition as a basic nude on my skin.

And finally, here is Pretty Purple described on the Spirit Beauty Lounge website as a rich matte plum.  Click on this picture because it definitely does not look matte in the pan, but has a fair amount of warm shimmer in it and looks rich!

I've pulled some other purply taupes to compare Pretty Purple with.  Shu Uemura P781, Chanel's Taupe Gris and Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird.
I was disappointed to see any complexity in the pan of Pretty Purple disappear when applied.  And it's also awfully similar to both the Shu Uemura and Taupe Gris.  I also found this "matte" formula very dry and chalky and completely unlike the lovely formula of Wisdom.
Ah, pretty purply Delicate Hummingbird shines on.
All in all, a kind of a mixed experience in my foray into Kjaer Weis eye shadows.  I think Wisdom would suit a lot of people with a cooler and perhaps paler skin tone than mine or someone with significantly darker skin to better contrast with this lovely color.  I do like it, especially for its very nice formula.  Charmed is the sleeper hit, really.  It conspired and positioned itself as a fully utilitarian shade.  Pretty Purple?  Not that pretty, not really purple and not a great formula.

What about you?  Have you been wanting Wisdom for a long time?

disclosure:  All products except Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracious Arasari were purchased by me.  Gracious Arasari were provided free of charge by the company.  I strive to give my full and honest opinion regardless of how I've obtained a product.  If you want some more information on my policy, please check out my general disclosure statement.


  1. Wisdom is a fave of mine as well. What a shame that the other two don't have the same texture, I am liking the look of Charmed though.
    I wondering what the foundation will be like that KW is coming out with, bet it will have a nice price tag ;)

    1. Oh, I bet Wisdom looks beautiful on your skin! :) Charmed is a sleeper. I really like that one.
      I didn't know that there is a new foundation coming out! Maybe it will have a cheaper refill format. ;) Have you had a chance to try the new mascara? I wonder how it performs?

    2. The £32 price has put more off trying the mascara and I've not come across any reviews for it, so dare not try it for now :)
      Thank you for the twitter guerlain re-tweet btw, just think if I hadn't of bought that I could have spent the money on trying the KW mascara ;)

    3. Woah, that is pricey. OK, I will hang out and wait for reviews. :)

      I was thinking about ordering the Guerlain on line, but really am convinced now to wait to see these in person. Whew, money saved. Thank you!

  2. Oh dear oh dear. I think I *need* Charmed, now, too! Great reviews, thank you!

    1. What, not Wisdom?! :-)
      I'm glad you liked this review!

    2. Well, AND WISDOM, but I thought maybe I could wait on that one since you said it's very similar to Solstice Halcyon.

    3. I think if you have Bohemian Waxwing and/or Solstice Haycon, you're pretty covered. But then, I'm a taupe hoarder. Save me!

  3. Can you probably use Wisdom as a subtle contour/crease color? Charmed is quite surprising, eh? And I can see the chalkiness of Pretty Purple, too bad since it does look pretty on the pan :-\

    1. I think Wisdom would make a good contour/crease color, but I look kind of hollow-eyed with defined creases. Maybe because I have a small lid space?

      Pretty Purple really disappointed me. :( The pan was so very very pretty.

  4. Oooh too bad about some of these, Pretty Purple especially. That's the one I would have honed in on immediately since I'm so partial to purply shades on my eyes but I can just see from your swatches how dry and patchy it is :/ I may skip this brand's shadows but some of their other products have been enticing me for quite some time!

    1. :) I think I seem to have maxed out on my curiosity with the brand at this point. I would love to see what you try, Becca! The quality and the brand esthetics are really love with the brand in general though.

  5. Yup, I definitely still need to get this beauty! Modesty Brown was the one who created the lemming in me as well! Such a gorgeous gorgeous shade is Wisdom. The others are very pretty as well, but Wisdom is the one that I really "need!!" <3

    1. All longings are belongs to Modesty Brown! Wisdom would truly look perfect on you, Helen!

  6. Hi i love wisdom and charmed too (and onyx!). Shame about pretty purple; i was considering it fir winter. I also want to try magnetic. I love her blushes too; have you tried them? I use the mascara and love it. It really lengthens and thickens and stays put. It comes as a refill too. Laura

    1. Hi Laura! Sorry I missed your comment! I've tried the cream blushes which are very pretty.

  7. Hi Bellyhead! What gorgeous comparisons. I am still thinking about getting Wisdom but worry it will be too warm for me. I do see I can order it as a sample from Spirit Beauty Lounge, so that's probably the way to go.

    And yes, Modesty Brown created a rampage!

    1. Hello Zuzu, knowing how well the coolest of tones work best on you, you might find this one a bit warm. But definitely worth trying as a sample, because the beautiful texture of Wisdom in particular is worth trying!


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