Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Duo Eye Shadow in A Major fis Minor

I meant to include this along with my big swatch set on all the Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadows I have, but didn't.  Let me make it up to you by showing it to you now, because a neutral lover should definitely look at this.

Oops, wrong side.  I mean THIS:
and THIS:
First of all, don't worry.  It comes in a perfectly good case.  I just depotted the hell out of all my RBR eye shadows.  These duos do not come in the refill pan format.

Rouge Bunny Rouge describes the two shades this way:  "Palest golden wheat paired with a delicately frosted mauve-brown with a subtle gold accent."  That they are.   Each color stands on its own, but layer beautifully to create a beautiful third shade.
When I moved last year and was in between homes, I had a small stash and this one eye shadow duo was in constant rotation.  (See my other in-between home favorites here!)

I find these different than the typical Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow single formula.  This one is a bit harder in feel, while still retaining silkiness and lovely pigmentation.  I find the RBR singles to be more buttery and creamy in feel.  I'm really pondering the second duo, a mint and lilac one named C Major A Minor.  Can't figure out how to fit than into my Z Palette though.

Seriously, this is a perfect neutral eye shadow set.  For SERIOUS.  I love writing a new post or two at night.  I totally know what I'm going to wear tomorrow.


  1. I do really love this one. Speaking of RBR wasn't there some talk of a filled eyeshadow palette coming out this year?

    1. Wow, really?! Where did you hear this? Do you know, what kind of palette it is going to be? If this is true, that would be so wonderful.

    2. Oh, that would be so exciting! I was disappointed when the palettes they released the last time were just empty ones, but really happy with the refill eye shadow pans.

      I would LOVE to see filled quads/trios, etc from RBR.

    3. I hope it is true, I'm sure it was in a interview with the founder and she was also saying about them bringing out a new face powder x

  2. Replies
    1. These really are. I think these feel so great and look so sophisticated on the eyes. Just lovely neutrals.


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