Friday, July 19, 2013

Hella Hot in Here

Doesn't this flower give the impression of peering into an ear?  I grew them myself!  *puffs up chest*  Prowed blogger.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Apparently, there was a major derailment last night on my commuter rail (10 cars full of garbage!) so I worked from home today.  It was delightfully peaceful being at home.  My mom and I had a lunch date in town and I ate the most incredible juicy burger and the crispiest, well salted fries.  Well, now I've had my iron intake and pretty content.

With a lull between conference calls, I went out to swatch some makeup.  There is a sweltering heat wave here in the eastern part of the US with temperatures touching 100 degrees Fahrenheit and even though common sense told me to stay inside and sip my cold drink, I went outside with cream products to swatch them for the blog.

Can you join me and say DUHHHHHHH?  DUHHHHHHH.

I wasn't outside very long, but my By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Misty Rock softened enough to smush when I applied pressure to the tip.  And Laura Mercier Caviar stick in Rose Gold BROKE.  *ricken racking,  criminy, shd8f739128*&*A&*#&!!*

I regained my common sense and fled back inside with those things and my cream Kjaer Weis blushes.  I managed to take a few pictures so I hope to have some new posts up in the near future.

How are you beating the heat if you are in the eastern US?  Are you some place cool in the world?  Can I come over and stay?


  1. Yes, you must be v. proud of such beautiful flower. You must have the greenest thumbs: first the cherry, now this flower, wow! Heat for us = either park or the mall. It'll be best if there's a park inside an AC-ed mall hmm... a mom can dream..

    1. I are magical. Put lump in dirt. grow flower! *thumps chest like a giant gorilla*

      Oh goodness, imagine being in a giant mall, untethered to little monkeys. Umm... That's a mommy dream.

  2. omg! it must be so hot in there! Maybe swatch them on your arm and get out of the door to take pics? and hurried back inside? XD it sucks when makeup melts!!

    1. LOL. I was in shock when this happened! :D It's pretty funny. At this point, when it BREAKS off is how I'm ever going to use up all the makeup I own. LOL LOL!


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