Thursday, July 18, 2013

By Terry Rouge Terrybly Age Defense Lipstick in 101 Flirty Rosy

I would say it's been a bit of a struggle to find a high-pigment lipstick that don't end up desiccating my lips.  Mistress of all things By Terry (that's the black panties) kept on tempting me with pictures of her rather impressive By Terry lipstick collection.  I only own a few things from the brand, but I really really like the Ombre Blackstar eye shadow sticks so I tentatively splurged on a Rouge Terrybly lipstick.

Okay, this name is Terryble.  Everything seems to be a play on the founder's name Terry de Gunzberg, but putting something Terryble in the name just sounds Terrible.  Maybe it sounds better in French?  I remember a high school French teacher calling me something that sounded like a Little Cabbage.  It didn't sound so terrible in French.
 It is a very luxurious presentation.  The silver case is gleaming and substantial and has a magnetized closure which also feels nice.  Also is a purple pouch.  I'm not sure, but maybe the case is prone to scratches.  It is also engraved on the side.
First let's chat a bit on the formula.  I'm duly impressed.  It really is very creamy and pigmented and goes on with full coverage in one swipe.  The finish is soft on my lips and without a lot of shine.  There are some richly moisturizing ingredients in this lipstick including Jojoba oils, Shea Butter, Hyaluronic Acid.  among other various plumping and moisturizing ingredients.  While I think anti-aging is a stretch, it sure does a really nice job keeping my lips moisturized for hours.  For me, the combination of high pigment and moisturizing qualities are hard to find together so I'm really pleased to have tried this formula.  Lasting time is reasonably long with even fading.  It lasted 4 hours with nearly full pigmentation and then gradually faded.
The color itself is a very easy to wear rose.  It really reminds me of Tom Ford Pink Adobe which I posted about here.  While I loved Pink Adobe, the Tom Ford lipstick formula was drying and made my lips look sadly withered.  I seem to have found a perfect replacement in Flirty Rosy! 

Flirty Rosy is a balanced medium rose with a hint of mauve.  It seems to want to pull slightly cool on my lips. 

The direct light brings forth the warmth in the color as it should.  The shine in the finish looks pronounced, but in reality on the lips, it looks creamy not shiny.
Indirect light shows more of the undertone of this color, again a tiny bit cool.
The coverage, the pigmentation, the creamy and moisturizing feel are all indeed lovely on my lips.

Here is the color in context of my face.  I'm wearing it today with neutral eyeshadow palette, Suqqu Kakitsubata and a rosy blush from Kjaer Weis in Blossoming. It looks very polished and uncomplicated.

I'm satisfied enough to play at the local By Terry counter and check out some more colors.  Hmm, now if only I can find a real replacement for Tom Ford Black Orchid.

What do you think about By Terry?  Any lipstick loves from the brand or other worthy product recommendations from the line?


  1. Does it have any scent? If so, I'm going to Barney's. I LOVE the way you do your eye makeup, always so flawless & flattering!

    1. Flaterry will get want money? I can send you money? Or baked goods?

      Has a faint rose scent, which I like. Not strongly scented like a Guerlain or Tom Ford.

    2. Sweet!! $$ would be nice, better yet a little bit of your Suqqu/Addiction stash, please ;-D

  2. Weeee that "Terribly" details is soo unique! I love nude-ish shade for my lipstick too! By Terry products have superb quality, it's just that the price are expensive.

    1. They are crazy crazy expensive. But for the money, I love this formula more than the Tom Ford. In the US, I buy these on which allows me to apply some loyalty credits & frequent discounts. Thank goodness!

  3. I love that By Terry packaging...goes so well with that beautiful lipstick color!!! You need to come give me eye makeup application lessons, please!!! :-)

    1. First you open the box, then you put your ... oops, what are we talking about?

      I always do a simple vertical gradient. That's about the extent of my eye makeup skills! And of course the TF Espresso liner everywhere!!! :)

  4. Great makeup application and selfie! This color was made for you. I love this lipstick and have it in red, though I wouldn't have bought it at this price point if I had been paying attention. It was applied during a makeover and I loved the red color so much I had to have it. Love the click of the magnetized closure too. The Precision Waterproof eyeliners are nice too; I have "Brown Stellar," a medium brown. It's a bit shimmery, but pretty.

    1. Thanks so much, Ava! The By Terry reds look beautiful as well. These are increidbly pricey. I try to keep my eyes peeled for the friends/family type discounts to keep these lipstick expenditures a bit on the affordable side.
      Thanks for the recommendation for the eyeliner! I'm always on the lookout for a long lasting liner! :)


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