Sunday, July 7, 2013

Addiction Cheek Stick in Amazing

I really loved my Addiction Cheek Stick in Revenge.  I also purchased it in the color Amazing, which is a bright and cool toned pink.  The same sleek case as the lipstick, but with a colored base in pink so that you can distinguish it from a lipstick.
Vibrant pink!

The bullet itself is hard, but so incredibly pigmented and easy to swipe on my face (and arm!).  That's one swipe on the left and one swipe blended out on the right.  It's pretty incredible in terms of pigmentation and blendability.  It has a softly matte look and doesn't have any stickiness or wetness.  And unlike my new Chanel cream blushes, these stain my skin and last pretty well on me.  I really like these and look forward to picking up more.
While a great product, unfortunately, it's a big old fail for me in terms of color.  The color is a lovely bright pink, but on my face it really looks like a bad sunburn.  And no, I'm not posting pictures of my face looking like a ravaging case of the sunburns, but rest assured: ew.

I think this level of opacity and coolness just about tips the balance, in favor of OH NO versus Oh!  How Bright and Pretty!


  1. You know I get a lot of products that look like a sunburn on me, so annoying. I really think this brand needs to be more accessible.

    1. I wish I could see this in person and see what looks good and doesn't. :(
      Sunburned look is not a good look for either of us, huh?


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