Monday, June 24, 2013

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Pink Sands RD711

Shiseido eye shadow textures.  What can I say except that they have some whisper soft and delicate textures?  They are exquisite.  I was so happy with my Beach Grass, that I recently got a hold of Pink Sands, which is a pink and taupe trio of softly coordinating shades.
Here is the beautiful palette.  It contains a cool petal pink, a silvery brown taupe, and a lighter shimmery pink.
The shades in this palette are surprisingly well pigmented.  Though the texture has the same delicate hand as Beach Grass, each color is rich in pigment.

Direct natural light
The petal pink is quite striking and has enough cool silvery to not to bring on the rabbit eye effect.  The pale pink makes an excellent eye brightening shade as well as a brow bone highlight.  The taupe is lovely of course and helps to neutralize the pink tones into a more wearable trio.
Indirect natural light
I was surprised that I didn't have comparable pink shades in my eye shadow collection with the assertive pinkiness.  I pulled out Rouge Bunny Rouge's loose pigment in Eaten All the Cherries and the pink shade in Suqqu EX-12 Hisuidama from this Spring to compare.
Eaten All the Cherry's has a much stronger multi-colored shimmer, as well as an overall warmth.  It shifts into a warmer golden hue.  Suqqu Hisuidama's pale pink is noticeably cooler and also have a stronger white shimmer.
One more picture in indirect natural light.  Theoretically, I can sort of replicate the look and feel of this trio with a cool taupe, and two pinks.  Still, not every shade will have the soft texture that Shiseido will.
Lovely trio, but pink is not my usual everyday look (which tends to be very neutral).  It does bring a very feminine look but I'm not 100% convinced this is looking great on me.  Something about the cool and bright pinks look a bit clashy with my skintone.

Other notable items used here:
AmorePacific CC Cushion Compact (too pink and dark!)
Rouge Bunny Rouge blush in Delicata
Givenchy Le Rouge in Rose Taffetas

What eye shadow colors do you wear that puts you outside your comfort zone?


  1. Replies
    1. aren't they so feminine and pretty?

  2. This is on my wishlist, along with Beach Grass! I love the texture of the Shiseido trios.

    1. Hi Larie! Thanks for your comment.
      These eye shadows feel SO smooth and lovely.

  3. The CC cream doesn't look dark/pink in the photos...and I love the lipstick! I thinkkksss I neeeddsss more of these Le Rouges :D

    The eyeshadow doesn't look like it clashes all that much with your skin tone. You haven't used the pinkest shade have you? Anyway, it looks quite nice and polished..I liked it :)

    1. I HATE this lipstick! :)))) Something about this lip color throws me off.
      I'm using loads of the bright pink. Eh, my picture is pretty poor so I think it's not showing so well. IRL, it's very pinky on my eyes.

    2. Ohh..hmmm...I am imagining a pink swatch there on your eye instead of the taupey color that it seems to me - and hmmm..ya I don't think I would like it either :| Hehehehee ya I just just justttttttt read your review on the lipstick :D

  4. this is so so purdy !
    WANT !
    NEED !

  5. Very pretty and the look you have created is lovely. I don't wear pinks well so think I'd have to use the deeper one as a blush on my skin :)

  6. Try layering the pink and taupe. The taupe tones down the pink and becomes a beautiful purplish shade (I'm not good at describing colours). I haven't worn mine yet (just got it recently) but that was what I got when I layered the colours on the back of my hands. ;)


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