Sunday, June 9, 2013

Calla Lily - Woe Is Me & Soju Tipsy

I'll try NOT to go on and on about my misadventures in gardening.  This is a beauty & endless consumption blog, after all.

However, look what I grew!  Calla Lily!  It's not all flora bonanza, unfortunately.  I planted the rhizomes a few weeks ago, noticed the green coming in and out popped two of these beauties.  Then some crazy rains came recently, and somehow bruised the stem of this one.  Live, damn it, LIVE!
I pulled it off its broken stem and placed it in a little cup so I can at least enjoy the pretty flower at home.

Some things I learned while googling Calla lilies.  They are not true lilies, but actually tropical flowers that grow from rhizomes.  They love full sun, will die down into dormancy and grow back again.  (I have hope the headless plant will grow another blossom, then).  They are also toxic suckers, not safe for pets and children and require handling with gloves.  Really?!

Did you see that the little cup has the words "Soju 365" printed on it?  Soju is a Korean booze meant to intoxicate and a ubiquitous part of adult imbibing and socialization in Korea.  I received that little shot glass as a hostess gift when I lived in Seoul.

These are rather amusing little soju shot glasses.  Soju 365, Everyday Soju, I love Soju and Soju Forever.

Everyday Soju cup is a trick one that has a high bottom so that the glass can only be filled half way.  I Love Soju has a small hole underneath the word Soju so that when you uncover it with your finger, the liquor will dribble out.  I suppose these are made to enable the drinker from getting completely toasted while her companions are none the wiser.  Ah, these drinking ploys!

I made some recent purchases of more Addiction cosmetics from Ichibankao recently taking advantage of the weak Japanese Yen and Ichibankao's super-fast shipping (via EMS, which costs extra).  I look forward to incorporating them into some future posts.

How are you spending these days?  A fan of calla lilies, Soju or Addiction by Ayako?  I love to hear all about it.


  1. Oh Belly I have been feebly resisting purchasing some more single Addiction shadows- what did you buy (salivating)? my currency has taken a nose dive, so that does not help- but its all in my basket waiting for the BUY button to be pressed!

  2. :) You've been resisting, eh? I bought the more neutral of the eye shadows: Concrete Jungle, Safari Mode, Flashback and Fudge. Which ones do you have in your cart?

    FX rates: when they are good, JUMP!

    1. I have flashback- how do you like it!?
      I have Rigolletto, Fudge and shangri-la and I think blue moon- looking for shades that are different- how are the ones u got?


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