Friday, May 3, 2013

Sheer Lipsticks - Swatch Set

I seem to have a fair number of sheer lipsticks in my lipstick collection.  Sheer lipsticks are so easy to apply and reapply that they seem to fit my lazy lifestyle so well.  I have a fairly wide representation across brands and I want to share them with you today.  I even scored a sample of the new YSL Rouge Volupté Shine and will put that in my round up.  This was a sample in my last Sephora order.
Several of these specific items have already been discussed and dissected in detail on the blog, so I will link to those if you are interested in seeing more detailed information.  But in doing this particular exercise, I made some notes on differences among the formulas and brands represented here.  Shall we kick it off?

Here are the brands I write about today (with links if previously discussed on Wondegondigo):
Tom Ford Lip Color Shine (here and here)
Burberry Lip Mist (here)
Fresh Lip Treatment
YSL Rouge Volupté Shine (Sephora sample)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Succulence of Dew (here)
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine (original formula) (here)
Chantecaille Lip Chic (here and here)
Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist (here and here)
Shiseido Perfect Rouge Tender Sheer
I grouped all the reds and corals together for you on the left and others, more unique colors on the right.  Boy, I'm telling you.  It's exactly looking at pictures like this that remind me to PLEASE STOP BUYING MORE THINGS!  No, none are exactly the same, but surely, no one pair of lips need so many similar colors.  I will need to resort to eating my lipsticks to get through all of these.

*back to the regularly scheduled program*

Pigmentation check:
It is surprising to me how incredibly pigmented the Fresh Lip Treatment in Coral is.  This is a lip balm and not a real lipstick, but compared to the other sheer lipsticks in this group, it really holds its own in terms of pigmentation.

But among the lipstick lipsticks, both the Tom Ford, Rouge Bunny Rouge and the Shiseido had similarly strong pigmentation.  The least pigmented was the Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist and the Burberry (both the Rosy Pink and the Heather Pink).

The Fresh is the most fragile of items and prone to smushing into the tube and melting.  The RBR is also very soft and one should take care not to expose to heat or too much pressure when applying.

Burberry was the hardest and waxiest and took a bit of pressure.  While not hard, the Chantecaille and Suqqus are the balmiest with a bit of resistance and drag against the lip when you apply.  Both will soften up a bit over time (especially if stuck for a few moments in your front pocket!)

Tom Ford Willful is particularly shiny compared to the others in this bunch.  The Chantecaille Lip Chics and Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist have a very pretty transculent glow when applied.
Some formulas are more lip moisturizing than others and I think this aspect in particular will be more of a your mileage may vary situation, but my top formula for moisture is the Rouge Bunny Rouge.  My lips feel so fantastic after a day of wearing this and though the wear time is particularly short (2-3 hours depending on the specific color.  The one shown here is full of shimmer, but there are non-shimmer colors in the range.  Murmurings is a particular favorite of mine.

All pretty pretty things.  I will likely pass on the YSL even though the applied color on the lips is so pretty.  It is very heavily scented and though I often like scents (Burberry, RBR, the vary faint Tom Ford), I find the YSL scent cloyingly sweet and icky.

Lasting powers is pretty slim on all of these products as sheer lipsticks are tend to do.  The really un-pigmented and certain pale shades of RBR are very scant in lasting.

What about you?  Are you a full on real lipstick fan?  Or are you into the lazy-person sheer lipstick.  Oh, you are not really lazy!  I'm just projection on you.  Or are you....SHUDDER...a lipgloss person?  And I want to know your most favorite sheer lipstick brands and colors.


  1. I am definitely a sheer lipstick gal! I also find YSL's scent border to annoying but if you want to start eating lipsticks, it definitely adds to the taste ;-) I was just about to ask you to do a lipstick comparison and I have seen this post, have you been reading my mind? Great review as usual, thanks!

    1. :D hahah! I am practically a mind reader.. either that or I have too many lipsticks. I really want to wear the YSL! So beautiful on and feels great. (looks wonderful on Bellachique also) I also really wanted to try the rouge pur couture glossy stains, but again the scent killed it for me.

  2. Oooh you just made my night, dearie--you know I love me some sheer lippies! And coincidentally I literally JUST wrote a post last night about all my favorite sheer lip products! On the list is Burberry Lip Mist, Fresh Tinted Lip Treatments, and Rouge Coco Shine just like yours :P hahaa great minds, I guess :P

    1. I can't wait to see your new post, Becca! Great minds! Lots of Lipsticks!

  3. Hi Bellyhead,
    my fave sheer lipstick range is Chanel Rouge Coco shine. It moisturize my lips very well and I love the shine it has :)
    I've never tried any Tom Ford lipstick die to its high price tag (and I have read many reviews mentioned that the formula isn't that wow). Burberry also makes gorgeous range of lipsticks, super moisturising and I love the neutrals!

    1. Chanel RCS have such incredible pretty colors. THe new ones look positively mouth watering. For some reasons, I find them not drying nor moisturizing. I like them, but prefer those that are more moisturizing. Yes, the TFs are not really worth it... especially when there are so many nice options out there from other brands.

  4. Love this post!!! That's so funny how we tend to gravitate toward the same colors over and over...even though as you pointed out, each is not identical but similar enough to make you wonder why you purchased so many!! LOL :-) I totally do the same thing and have somewhat put myself on a lippie ban until I am able to finish at least a few of them. The Chante Amour is on my wish list though!

    1. At a counter my eye is always drawn to the same shade! It makes me insane. I need to try to reclaim my sanity a bit, use up some shades and then branch out some more. Amour... <333 I love that color so much!

  5. Sooooooooo jealous you have the sugar lip balms! They look amazing xxx


    1. They are very expensive here, but they are incredibly expensive in the UK! What a bummer.

  6. I consider Fresh lip treatments to be sheer lipsticks too, I love them, but I hate how smushy they are:/

    I wore a lipgloss yesterday after months and months of wearing lipsticks/ tinted balms and, oh God, I hated every minute of it. Weak staying power (especially frustrating as I reapply lipsticks very often, but I felt like touching up the gloss every 15 minutes) and the horrible stickiness:/

    1. I pulled out the Coral to swatch when I was taking pictures and totally horrified when it smushed again. It wasn't even that warm that day!

      Fellow gloss hater. Hee hee. :)

  7. Agh, I agree, I hate the scent of YSL lipsticks! Good for my wallet, but sad for me because they have so many beautiful colors.

    1. We're both sad! I loved how the new Shines felt, but that SCENT! GACK!

  8. So many pretties! I've always been a full-coverage lipstick girl, but lately I've been getting more in to sheer lipsticks. I've been enjoying Dior Addict Extremes. Next on my list: Chante Lip Chics & Burberry Lip Mists!

  9. yay! so many pretties. lol about eating lipsticks. i may have to join you on that one. lol. i have the fresh one (and a few other shades!) and have hardly used them this year! i'm curious about the lip chics and i don't know what to think about the TF lip shines!

  10. I mostly opt for more pigment but lately I have a thing for sheer lipsticks, maybe because it's spring? I knew I shouldn't read this post because now I really want to try a RBR lipstick, lol!


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