Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wondegondigo This Week

I kicked off the month of April glibly declaring it a Slow-Buy/No-Buy.  DUH.  I knew that withstanding the beginning of Summer collections dribbling through would be unlikely to move me to buy.  But of course at the same time would also be various Sephora 100 point cute things, the Sephora BI/VIB event, and now in my email inbox, the announcement of the Bergdorf Goodman  beauty event that will start soon. 

I took a little peek at the Sephora site and saw the new Edward Bess lipstick and blushes were in stock, which I didn't fully expect and without thought put them in my shopping cart.  I then realized what I was doing and quickly closed my browser.  I'm really surprised and dismayed that mindless browsing and shopping (and near check out) comes so easily to me!  Too easily!
Mystery bulbs finally blooming at my new home
My skincare of choice from AmorePacific is starting to run out and the thought of taking advantage of the Bergdorf Goodman event is enticing, too.  I feel as if it would be very easy to justify certain purchase like skincare because I would buy it eventually anyway, why not take advantage of a big opportunity to save.  Still it's not as if I don't have little sample jars of this and that lying about begging to be used up!
 Feeling glum today about how mindless I am.

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  1. I've kind of lost a little zeal for purchases. Not much seems exciting to me as it was even just last week!! LOL!! Even the Sephora sale I'm kinda thinking eh, can't be bothered. I should place an order for basics like cleanser...but even that I'm still going, eh... *sigh* It's so weird especially since I was on a tear the first few months of this year!! But maybe that's why!!

    I'm so proud of you!!! DAY 11!!!! Wooooo!!!!! It'll be over before you know it! You know my problem with samples??? I still need to have things I KNOW work...that way if I don't like the samples I have things to fall back on. Maybe you stock up on your AP, but then maybe make it a point to use up samples...this month is no buy...May could be sample month??

    1. When I say samples of skincare, I mean like deluxe-sized giantic sampling kits! :D I think I'll just stick to no buy and buy when I MUST buy later on. 11! 11! Yayyyyy, 11!

      It's good to ebb and flow in terms of buying, right? Gives you a moment to enjoy the lovely things you've recently purchased. Like that RBR Solstice Halcyon. I've got huge dips in that one, too.

  2. I'm proud of you, too. When browsing on-line, it's hard to resist adding things to the cart. Chances are; however, if we actually saw the product in the store, we'd simply swatch, admire, and then leave it behind. I love going to the counters to play with the new collections, but then I'm very selective about what I actually purchase.

    After my splurge on six of the new Dior glosses, I've really slowed down. For some reason, I'm just not feeling bronzers this year and haven't been moved to buy anything that I've seen so far. There are some gorgeous items out (Armani's Amber Glow palette is stunning in the extreme), but nothing has said, "Take me home." But, it's still early yet. I think I've just been overwhelmed by all the reformulation releases and am waiting to see some more cohesive collections like Tom Ford's. As for the Sephora sale, the only thing I bought was my beloved Jack Black Protein Booster Serum. I love that stuff! It is usually exempt from sales and promos on most of the other sites, but when Sephora has their sale, I stock up on it for my sons, my husband, and I. We're all addicted!

    Anyway, hang in there! You're doing great :-)

    1. Eileen,
      Your encouraging words really mean so much to me! I've been specifically avoiding checking out the counters fearing I might fall in love with something, but past experiences show that when I swatch and play, it always kills whatever vague desire I had of purchasing. I might need to check out the Edward Bess counter soon.

      Have you seen Giorgio Armani Medusa? That's now on my radar and I think will deserve and play in person.

      :) I'm going to hang on! I need a 80's kitten hanging off a tree limb poster to keep me going.

  3. Ah, the green Medusa! It is vibrant and it swatches beautifully. Unfortunately, it is so similar to my eye color, that it overwhelms my irises rather than enhances them. I think it would look best on someone with dark brown or cognac colored eyes. You dark eyed beauties are in luck :-)

    1. Uh oh, Eileen. These are words of doooooom. ;)

  4. Nuts! I thumb typed an epic comment with my smart phone and then the browser/app froze. Grrrr. (Disclaimer: the 2nd version of this comment is exponentially longer. Feel free to stop reading when you get bored. There's no need to wait until your eyes glaze over.)

    The gist of it:

    #1. I've got your back on your Slow Buy. Tweet/email/message me any time you feel your resolve weakening or discouraged. I'm here.

    #2. Buying restrictions can be fun!
    As you know, I've been on a No Buy. Apart from the initial arghghghgh-I-want-this-and-that-and-that hump, it's been refreshing and fun! I'm enjoying my stash, working out new product combinations, and trying new / practicing current techniques. I get immense joy from using good products I've acquired and from knowing my extensive research paid off. It's also liberating to identify and give away items that don't work for me (usually my impulse purchases!).

    #3 You get to be creative!
    ... which = more fun.For example, I found similar shades in the ol' stash to approximate my own Guerlain Coupe de Foudre palette. Cool! i just saved a zillion dollars AND stayed on my No Buy!

    I was tempted to get a new, darker bronzer on store points not long ago. See that? -- use of points = zero violation of No Buy rules (see below). Yet given that I'm powerful enough to beat Guerlain, I'm now going to try to darken my too-light-for-the-summer-bronzer with an eyeshadow. (Wish me luck!)

    Final score - Guerlain: 0, BooBooNinja: 2

    #4 Set yourself up for success.
    Have you given yourself any slow buy parameters? It's not for everyone, but I set out guidelines to make my no-buy achievable. Mine are: 1) skin care doesn't count as it's not an issue for me; 2) I can get NARS Lhasa if it pops up on a blog sale (I've since "used up" this exception on a new drugstore eyeliner colour that was previously available only in high end brands; 3) I can acquire items if they don't cost me money (eg via swap/store credit/store loyalty points) (I haven't done this yet); 4) I'm allowed to continue my search for an undereye concealer (to date, nothing has impressed me enough to stay in my stash); and 5) I'm allowed to repurchase products I've run out of if my stash lacks an alternative.

    #5 If all else fails, do an inventory. I did and girl, it took me soooooo long. AND my stash is small-ish. However, I'd do it again if I lost my spreadsheet. Keeping an on-going inventory is the most effective thing I've done to curb beauty cravings and spending.

    My forearms and fingers are tired from typing.
    I talk too much when I can't sleep.
    I hope some of my blathering helps you out.

    Don't forget that I've got your back, Belly!

    1. omg, you've got this down to a real science. I'm going about it very wishy washy and I love having a more defined set parameters under which to operate. I'm wondering if I'm being unduly hard on myself by forgoing everything (including HG or near-HG stuff) for the sake of sticking to not buying. What I'm trying to do though is to RESET my habit, which as I mentioned in my post is mindless spending (+ mindless wanting). I *LOVE* your creativity so much!! you are truly inspiring me!!


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