Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Work List

I'm done now!

I realize I keep a lot of stuff, mostly lists in my head. Such as, don't forget to water the basil plant, it's looking wilted. Did I pay that bill? Set up auto-pay. Drink water.  I need to go pee.  I don't want to miss posting the stuff I really want to show and share, so I'm making a list and I'm checking it twice. But there won't be any presents, not even for the good boys and girls. There will be new posts and pictures, though!

Cross brand:
  • A comprehensive something something (either by color category or finish) of the blushes I own.
  • Foundation / base products post (hits and misses) Not sure I want to do this because I think people want to see face pictures of before and after.  *shudders violently*
  • Mascaras R Us - quick run through of all I have rotating through. Maybe eyeball pics, not sure as it would depend on laziness.
  • Sheer lipsticks - maybe across the brands includig Shiseido, Tom Ford, Chantecaille, Suqqu, Nars, Chanel, etc.
  • Taupey Taupes Not sure I will do this.  This seems a little epic and a little hard.
  • General Organization & Stash - For my Gummy.
  • Eye Shadows
Rouge Bunny Rouge:
  • A swatch fest of the most massive kind of all the eye shadows I own. Trust; I have quite a few
  • Plumping gloss
  • Cream eye shadows
  • A resource for all the Suqqu Creamy Glows I currently have in my collection
  • Suqqu Kokedama
Tom Ford:
  • Cognac Sable quad
  • Maybe a fragrance if I can get my nerves up.  I wrote a draft but it was lame.  :(  
I may be revising this list over time, but will be checking it off here as I go. I 've also posted this post at the top so I can use it as a self reference. Am forgetful in my old age and require prompts.  I may also not finish everything here also.  *must cover my ass* Anything else you'd like to see discussed, dissected and queried? Feel free to comment here, write me an email or tweet me away!

Anyway, I tweeted that I'm working on putting up another blog sale.  I'm in streamlining mode and looking forward to clearing my head and my collection of the lesser used/loved.  Rest assured, there will be some beauties in that sale.

Once I do that, and once I'm ticked off all from my to-post list,  I think I will have said all there is to say... as far as makeup and my woebegone belly gazing is concerned.  I hope this blog is a nice resource for those searching the world wide web for  a few of my favorite brands for information.  I hope you enjoy the blog and thank you for being wonderful readers!



  1. Those are going to be amazing posts!!! Seriously cannot wait!!! I'd love to see some general stash pics and makeup organization if you are up to it :-)

    1. GUMMYkins! I'm going to take a picture of the giant pile of stuff on my vanity table top. That would be the stash! But coming right up...soon. :D

    2. YAAAAY!!!!! You are the BEST!!! XO

  2. SO excited for your makeup stash post. My guilty pleasure!

    1. Ha! It's going to be much smaller post purge, I think.

  3. I anxiously await your future posts *and* your blog sale!

    1. There will be posts.

      There will be sale! Hurray!

  4. i make LOTS of lists lol. RBR has cream eyeshadows?? I can't wait to see those :)

    1. RBR has alllllll sorts of neat things!


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