Friday, April 5, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long Lasting Eye Shadows - Swatch Set

Rouge Bunny Rouge has some of my absolute favorite textures in eye shadows (and more!).  I've been steadily collecting them over time and amassed a sizable collection of them.  Where some brands do some finishes well and not others, Rouge Bunny Rouge does beautifully with mattes, satins, shimmers and frosts.    I think there's a pretty bauble for everyone in the eye shadow range.

Problem is, though I had so many of them, they weren't getting consistent use.  All the singles containers were neglected.  So of course, I depotted them all.  And quickly realized I didn't have a palette large enough to hold all of them.  Recently I purchased the pro sized Z Palette and spent a good 20 minutes or so figuring out how to make them all fit.  I may have been a Tetris addict at some point in my life, but I think I'm a bit spatially challenged!  Woe!  No matter what configuration I made, one pan just wouldn't fit.  Normally, I would just chuck it all and move on to my next task of the moment, but this time I stuck it out and ....  TAH DAH!

Now all of these shadows get some lovin' if you know what I'm saying.

Seeing how lovely they all look in one giant Z Palette, I am inspired to take on the herculean undertaking of swatching all of them for you.  So bookmark this post if you are thinking about making a splurge or plunge into the brand.  Or a splurgy plunge. Or a plunge into a splurge.  Or... just buy one eye shadow. 

These are fantastically smooth and un-chalky.  You can tell how lovely the pigmentation and blendability in the swatches (I hope).
  • Chestnut Napped Apalis
  • Blackpepper Jay
  • Grey Go Away Lourie

Highlights/Super Pales/Peach/Pink
Frost finish, often with complex multi-colored shimmer and ultra buttery.
  • Unforgettable Oriole
  • Angelic Cocktiels
  • Snowy Egret
  • Fire Tailed Sunbird
  • Tantalizing Lovebird

in the theme of RBR greens and blues!
  • Resplendent Quetzel
  • Periwinkle Cardinal
  • Whispering Ibis
  • Mysterious Tinamou
  • Mountain Bluebird

  • Volcano Fairy Wren
  • Olive Violetear
  • Abyssinian Catbird -unique with incredible foiled finish.
  • Bohemian Waxwing - it is slightly warmer in tone & higher shimmer finish than the satin Solstice Halcyon.
  • Solstice Halcyon - has to be my favorite taupe!
  • Delicate Hummingbird
  • Eclipse Eagle - I'm giving one away, right now!
  • Bejewlled Skylark
  • Umber Firefinch
  • Gracious Arasari - my perfect, totally blends into my arm into invisibility blending shade

These colors often make excellent wash shades that have enough complexity to make a complete look.  And they the possibilities for unique and interesting texture and color combinations are pretty endless.  In general, the quality is fabulous with smoothness I adore, but there are a few that are a bit patchy in terms of color payoff (Umber Firefinch & Trumpeter Koel).  I'm going to have to not buy anymore.  Where would I fit another pan?

As a great resource for color description, I recommend the  Rouge Bunny Rouge website as they have awesome color descriptions.  You can purchase RBR on Beautyhabit, Zuneta, Rouge Bunny Rouge's website or Beautybay.  (FYI, all unaffiliated links)

I hope these pictures are helpful!!  :)  What are some of your favorite RBR eye shadows?  If you are looking to take the plunge, which colors are you admiring?

I couldn't get to my duo, but I will either update this post or do a new one for that. It's one of my favorite neutrals.  Did I mention that I swatch with my finger on my bare arm with no primers?


  1. This is an epic post of epic beauty! LOVE your swatches! I have (many) fewer shadows than you do, but I love and use the ones I have all the time.

    1. Thank you so very much, Adele! I'm totally serious that even though I am in a simply/streamline/purgey kind of mood, when I see this big palette full of RBRs, I am so happy. Strange what makes me content (makeup wise). :D

  2. Beautiful collection, and good job with the tetris! If you ever need an even bigger palette, MUFE has one.

    1. After I took pictures, I had a really hard time fitting them back in again! XD

      MUFE, you say? Dangerous thing to know.

  3. Holy RBR post of epic proportion! Will definitely refer back to this if I ever make a purchase (one day, hopefully!)

  4. Aaah, thank you so much for this! I'm going to do a RBR haul soon and I can use all the swatches I can find ^^. I love the colours, so pretty! Lovely swatches! ^^

    1. I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I enjoyed sharing them. Having fun shopping for RBR! So many beauties to get.

  5. All those beauties in one palette. It's makeup porn at it's very finest :D

    I am absolutely itching to order Eclipse Eagle. I keep doing the basket dance on the RBR website!

    1. :D MB, might as well enter my giveaway. It's definitely worth having if it's FREE!

  6. GAhhhhhh. *making grabby hands*
    May I visit and play with you and your makeup collection?Maybe we could even have a depotting party.
    Pretty please?

    1. well of course! You just need to bring your own flame thrower, I don't like to share that! ;-)


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