Friday, March 29, 2013

Things I Am Pondering - Which Are Diametrically Opposed

Suqqu Creamy Glow in Karakurenai #18
in action on the corner of East 57th Street
I Have Wants:
I read on Gaia's blog the non blonde that Edward Bess has launched some new items.  Check out her post and preview the lovely things.  The Edward Bess fuss has ebbed over the last year or so, but I really do love the original lipstick formula.  And now back in the original metal round cases!  So sleek!  And new blushes with colors right up my alley!  *swooon*

I Have Needs:
I need to repurchase my Ellis Faas concealer.  I actually finished something.  For once, I don't feel the need to find something better, which is how I usually feel about any makeup thing.

I got a tan and no foundation looks right.  I really should buy a foundation that matches me better.

I Have Things to Do:
Finish up things in a more concerted manner!  Even though I'd like a new Ellis Faas concealer to replace the used up one, I have others to get through from Burberry and Clinique. 

I need to control how much I buy considering my last oomphy Suqqu purchase.

So with that, I declare April a slow buy, which I hope will essentially be a no buy.  I will hold off on my wants and needs and see where my heart takes me in May.  It will be Mother's Day soon after all.  Perhaps the small Belly children will consider investing their college funds into more makeup purchases for their loving mother.

It's been insanely busy at work.  And weekends have been busy, too.  Weekends are when I write new posts and take pictures when the sun cooperates.  I little filler post doesn't suck that much, right?  (right??)

Happy Friday!  And Happy Good Friday for those anticipating Easter Sunday and Happy Passover!


  1. I don't blame you for a filler post. It's a long weekend! I think it's good to take a little time off purchasing and to really try out the products you've accumulated. There's definitely been a few periods in the past year where I was purchasing non-stop and didn't really get a chance to actually use anything. Good luck to you on your no-buy!

    1. No long weekend for me. But I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend nonetheless.

      I'm going go give my stuff some lovin'.

  2. Hey I totally commend you for trying to get through your other concealers before purchasing another EF concealer!! And there's nothing wrong with filler's nice to see things mixed up!

  3. i hope the belly children buy you pretties for mother's day! my mom told me last year to stop buying her hand creams :( lol. and she isn't interested in makeup nor does she wear any except if she has to go to a wedding bc she feels "old" now. LOL. but hey you're doing great on the no buy so far! :)


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