Friday, March 22, 2013

Mind of a Suqqu Haul

First, I thought it would be interesting/funny/enviable/deplorable to show you what I recently purchased from Suqqu.  This is probably one of my favorite high end cosmetics line and when the opportunity presented... mind was completely lost.  This go around, let's just say, some stuff was boughten.

Few Little Things
Please excuse my endless navel/Belly-gazing on the blog.  If you are interested in swatches and product descriptions, those are around the blog and I plan on going through these products, too.  But today, in this post, I really wanted to bat around documenting what I do to justify such a large expenditure.

Here you go, in no particular order:
  • I can afford it.  I held a blog sale, made some money, saved some other money and paid for it.  No one is starving in the family.  I'm not in debt.  I feel financially sound-ish.  (Do I want to save more for retirement?)
  • Spring LIMITED EDITION!  DID I SAY LIMITED EDITION?  (Limited Edition doesn't mean I need to buy it)
  • Why buy one thing when I can buy ALL THE THINGS?!  (Do I really need three variations on the duochrome theme?)
  • "Suuuuuuu Kooooooo," Gollum-like voice emerges from deep within Bellyhead.  (My preecious)
Horrible Indoor Lighting/ Crap Phone Picture
I plan on putting at least some of the things on the blog in the future.  As you know, I move like molasses (not like Jagger), so do check out some incredible blog posts already featuring Suqqu Spring:
  • Karima doing an incredible look via her tutorial with EX-11 Sumiredma.  As an aside, she would make a brown burlap sack look gloriously sexy.
  • Kate the Driveller and her incredibly detailed reviews and gorgeous looks, with Sumiredama and EX-12 Hisuidama.
  • Selphia's drool-worthy pics of all three quads and the face palette with swatches.
  • Nicole's Swatcharama has all the pictures the earliest!  Sumiredama, Hisuidama, and Ginusudama
Aren't you glad there are hard working bloggers out there doing good work?  I am!  Thanks to them, I can relax and play, and put my posts out there suuuper slowly.


  1. OH MY GOD, this is epic.


    (I have Gindobou - or is it Ginbudou? - and Kokedama coming my way :D)

  2. Replies
    1. :) they are snug as a bug in my vanity drawers

  3. You hauled LIKE A BOSS, and I'm so excited for you!! (And please don't mind anybody asking you how much you paid and stuff like that. It's entirely your business and you don't have to justify anything.) If you don't mind, I'm going to camp out here until everything's been blogged. :P :P :P

    1. Like a Boss! :))
      Happy camping. I shall bring the hot cocoa and marshmallows to roast.

  4. Seriously drooling and jealous right now!! You kicked my Suqqu suspicion to craving. I must own SOMETHING Suqqu!

    1. So many pretty things in the line. Try one!

  5. Replies
    1. Did you pick up any? I feel like the summer palette could be nice for you.

  6. I'm glad you held back... ;) I wish I had got more from the spring collection, I never seem to have the money to match my wants when Suqqu collections come out :) x

  7. Did you get the entire collection?

    Thank you for saying my photos are drool worthy, it means a lot :)
    Time to make more illustrations to pay for the next SUQQU splurge lol

    1. After I saw your pics I had to get the three spring palettes!

  8. Woow, looks like you hit the jackpot! I'm all over this post! ^^

    1. I feel as if I killed 99% of my lemmings with this buy!

  9. Please swatch this sooooonnnn.. Your Suqqu collection just makes me soooo jealous! :p

  10. but what did you get????????

    /iz so curious i could just burst!

  11. OMG...Must see swatches of those lip glows... I haven't seen any on the net so far!


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