Monday, March 4, 2013

Burberry Beauty Light Glow Natural Blush in Cameo

Considering how I generally rave positive about Burberry Beauty, when it first came out I wasn't really all that into it.  Just a little taste, or smear of their products however... well, look at me now.  I have a few of the Burberry blushes, and Cameo is the among the very first items I bought on my fateful trip to the counter.  I bought this in Hong Kong during a jet-lag fueled boredom purchase session.  Thank goodness I lucked out.
All the same qualities of Burberry blushes apply to Cameo as well.  There is almost a creamy feel to the powder that seems to my make the color meld beautifully into my skin.  I love that quality.  This one is matte but without any powderiness.  I love that, too!

The color is a lovely cooled down pink, with a slight dose of mauve into it.  Swatch below.  By the way, I've baked too much in the sun over a recent vacation and my skin is much darker than in earlier posts.  (Don't yell at me!  I apply and reapply my sunblocks, along with wearing hats and shade-dwelling, but I have a tendency to tan up quickly!)

Pretty, right?  But hmm, cool mauvy pinks.  I think... Wait! Wait a minute:

Oh no... dupey dupes in the collection without me even realizing it until I was digging through the drawers cooking up things to post about.  Rouge Bunny Rouge's Gracilis and the Vermeer cheek stick seems to have some resemblance to Cameo.

In this picture, Vermeer (though warmer and slightly darker in the stick), appear kind of close to Cameo.  Gracilis is paler than Cameo.

In different light, it seems like the major differences among the colors are the texture.  Vermeer is easy to take out of the dupe equation as it is a cream color and actually fairly sheer in finish (and a bit wimpy in lasting power).  Gracilis looks like a paler cousin to Cameo, but has more or a sheen; it is not a matte shade, more of a delicate shimmer.

All worthy pinks, me thinks.  But I don't think I need them all, do I?  Which one is floating your boat?


  1. Well, I don't have anything from RBR yet so can't tell which. But they all look lovely. This type of dusty rosy pink always work on me. It's so easy and it goes with everything in my collection. Burberry has excellent products. My fav from the brand is their eyeshadows and sheer luminous foundation though. Very helpful swatch!

    1. I love Burberry eye shadows, too!! They really do have nice things. I also like these dusty pinks (as you can tell).

  2. I like them all, but I think I like the Burberry best.

    I don't think I have any blushes this shade - I tend to stick to neutrals, corals, berries, and probably more than I'm not thinking about, but what I'm trying to say is that I am scared of pink!

  3. I love this blush. And it's so funny, because I have Gracilis, too - Gracilis pulls much cooler toned on me. Cameo is more of a very neutral dusty rose and Gracilis is a cool, almost lavendarish light mauve pink. I wear them with very different eye looks because of that!

    (I am terrible at describing shades, can you tell??)

    1. You're terrific at describing! I agree, Cameo pulls more neutral! I think on my tanned skin, the Cameo looks nicer, too. But but but I LOVE Gracilis!

    2. A time and place for both, luckily for us :)

    3. So well said, Adele!!!


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