Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Suqqu Blend Color Eye Shadow in Matsukasa 03

Sometimes when I find something that is so super basic, but so superbly executed, it makes my heart sing.  Matsukasa is one such thing.  When I first was interested in Suqqu, Matsukasa didn't even occur to me to be part of my long Suqqu shopping list.  At a counter in Tokyo, I'm sure I looked at this, perhaps even swatched it and walked right on by.  For goodness sake, I bought an alcohol-fumey sunscreen but passed by this!

I purchased this one in a fit of recent frenzy and panic about never being able to buy this discontinued quad again.  So I bought this because I just buy things, not really because I was all that thoughtful about it.  But sometimes, stupidity turns itself around into dumb luck.
Hello, Dumb Luck

 The matte vanilla base barely makes an appearance in my swatch, but it does provide a nice layer to place the other shades and helps them appear truer to the pan shades.  I suppose on lighter skin tones, these base shades would be more meaningful.

I think the magical formula of this very basic quad is this:

One perfect matte brown + One antique pewtered shimmer + One unapologetically warm brown shimmer = Brown Quad Perfection

The perfection of many Suqqu quads is the balance of of many factors without being heavily tipped into any one area.  The mattes are rich, the shimmers are delicate, the warm tones supple and enhanced by the shimmers.  I was a tiny bit ambivalent about Kakitsubata, but I feel no such ambivalence about Matsukasa.

As I mentioned when I wrote about Kakitsubata, the pigmentation is not forceful, and the shimmers are super delicate.  Those qualities are an appropriate fit to Matsukasa I think.  See, browns are not dull at all!

Have you been developing your Suqqu shopping list?  What have you decided on?

Apart from torturing you with makeup that is hard to find and/or purchase, I'm really thinking about what are the qualities I am looking for before I take a big expensive plunge on future Suqqu purchases.  I've been waiting a few months salivating at the little glimpses of Spring/Summer 2013 and want to purchase all the LE items, but I need a bit more mindfulness.  Are you looking at them, too?


  1. I love this palette! It looks so plain but it delivers!

    1. It's a really beautiful palette, too! :-)
      Thanks for commenting today.


    (I'm going to place an order come Feb 28 and I don't need to buy more than I'm already planning to :D)

    1. Actually, some questions! Can you compare the pigmentation level or the texture of the quads to another brand, so I know what to expect? (I don't own any yet, I just waaaaant.)

    2. Have you decided what else you're buying in addition to the Spring/Summer stuff? XD

      pigmentation (heavy to light, of the couple I own) - Himesango, Keshizumi, Matsukasa, Ginbudou and Katisubata (imo)
      Himesango format is different with the 5 pans, but for the others, there is a matte base shade, a matte dark shade, and 2 shimmers. All have lovely textures, imo. But your mileage may vary, as we say. :))

      Maybe other Suqqu owners can weigh in.

    3. OH YES. I think I want the loose powder (although I have combo skin, not sure it would be great for that? but it sounds sooo beautiful) and I need my Shu Nobara stick, which is never in stock in the US. I also want the GA ETKI in 14, not in the US (also and more concerning, not on the Selfridges website). And Keshizumi looks gorgeous, but I don't know how *unique* it is, so I'm wavering on that.

      There's a few weeks til Suqqu Spring comes out, so I have time to research some more things! All suggestions welcome :D

    4. OOH, you have a LIST, with a capital L. :) Powder is beautiful. I'm combo and I love it this winter, mostly because I run drier in the winter.

    5. Ha, yes :D I think I *will* end up going for the powder, because Keshizumi looks lovely, but dupable. And I think I'll always regret not getting the powder every time another post on it pops up.

  3. This palette looks awesome, perfect for me:(

    1. Aw Laitae, I think Selfridges still has em in stock. :(


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