Thursday, February 14, 2013

Edward Bess Ultra Slick Lipstick in Tender Love and Night Romance

"Tender Love and Night Romance"  A good name for a Valentine's Day movie, don't you think?  No movie today in this post,  just two uber-creamy lipsticks from Edward Bess.

When the brand went into Sephora, I have to admit that it lost a bit of the brand cachet for me.  What was previously very limited in distribution became widely available.  Knowing what a snob I am, it is easy to see how that in itself would make me a little cool to the brand.  However, in this case, that wasn't exactly it.  In addition to the distribution expansion, it also changed manufacturing base.  The cases of the product became very lightweight and plastic and the lipstick formulas also became different.  Hey brands, in general, most loyal consumers are not so happy with the "reformulations."  It hardly ever seems improves anything and it seems to make your products less desirable.

Why am I still showing two old lipsticks?  Well, it seems like the products seem to be headed back to where they were, which is a really excellent thing.  Gone are the newer rectangular plastic lipstick cases and back are the heavier lipstick cases.

Night Romance (L); Tender Love (R)
I've gotten rid of some Edward Bess items over time, but these remain and remain still close to my heart.  These lipsticks are named Ultra Slick, but they are hardly slick or glossy in anyway.  They are however, ultra creamy and rich with pigmentation.  They feel amazing on my lips.  That's probably what made be fall so deeply in love with this lipsticks.  The richness translates to full opaqueness that doesn't look heavy and a creamy finish that has a very subtle glow.

Night Romance is a deep cool Berry.  It kind of looks a bit hot pink on my lips, which is really outside of my comfort zone, but I think it does make a fabulous Valentine's Day color.  Tender Love is actually one of my true favorite lipsticks ever.  Even in the swatch it looks kind of boring, but there is something about the beautifully balanced muted deep rose that really does amazing things to brighten up my face.  I love it.  Despite that fact that it's still a fairly deep color, I wear this in the same way I pull on the same pair of favorite jeans (or sweatpants, let's be honest).

This is a highly scented lipstick.  It's a fig scent that is quite strong and will linger without any real dissipation.  This will likely be a deal breaker for those among us that are more sensitive to highly scented makeup!

Both colors are very sophisticated and unfussy.  I hope the brand will hew a little bit closer to its original sleek roots some more for the future.

Tender Love is available on Edward Bess' website and Night Romance is available on Sephora and Bergdorf Goodman.

Happy Valentines Day to all of you lovely readers out there!  :)


  1. I want to see them on your beautiful face, Goodness these look delicious XD

  2. these look great! at some point i'll have to get into edward bess!

    1. As long as you are ok with some fragrance, they have a really lovely lippie formula. Check em out!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BELLYHEAD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!! <3 I hope that you are feeling better today, rather than really sick with the flu!!! xoxox

    1. I hope you had a LOVELY birthday, Helen!! <3
      I feel mostly better today, just tired. I even got to put on makeup today so all is good.

    2. I literally didn't get out of bed yesterday. I had yummy Udon for dinner, and was set to eat it in bed- but my husband convinced me to sit at the table-- it was nice feeling somewhat civilized, if only for such a short period of time! This seems to be a pretty pernicious head cold, and I now have a major case of cabin fever! I just wish that I had the energy to move!!

      I'm so glad that you feel mostly better today- wow, and you even wore makeup- that's awesome! I hope that your husband and kids treat you like a queen for your birthday/Valentine's Day!!!!!! <3

    3. Feel all better soon! And hope you have a lovely time with your husband today. <3

  4. I have Night Romance and Forever Yours (I dithered between Tender Love and Forever Yours) and I treasure them both, along with After Sunset Compact Rouge and Dusk eyeshadow. I confess, I fell out of love with the brand once the products started to be manufactured in Taiwan. It just didn't seem to fit with the Luxe feel of the brand. I'd happily be woo-ed back again by Edward!

    Happy Birthday! x

    1. Have you seen the new eye shadow palettes? They seem very pretty, I thought. I would LOVE to be wooed by Edward, too! :-)

      Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! Happy Valentines Day!

  5. I like the term "unfussy" that u use to describe this, I highly agree!


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