Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Enchanted

Now I don't feel so lazy/remorseful/bad putting up this post so late, since I already told you where you can purchase this Limited Edition eye shadow quad from last Fall.  So let me show you (in my very slow way) this eye shadow palette.

This is part of the limited edition Fall 2012 collection which featured this along with another quad, Emerald Forest.  Of the two, this is certainly the less dramatic and more wearable choice.  As you've already read, I am generally a big fan of the Tom Ford brushes, but my experiences haven't always been the best when it came to makeup.  When the line first launched, I wasn't particularly intrigued nor impressed by the first set of quads.  I thought the textures weren't really impressive for the high price of the quads.  The Fall quads however, were a bit different.  The formula had been changed (improved!) and it looked different, with the TF logo engraved into the pans.

Here is my Enchanted in all her lovely beauty.

All of the four shades have a pronounced shimmer.  The overall pigmentation of these shades are medium with only the darker shade that is strongly pigmented.   I also find that the texture, though very smooth and fine, to be very dry feeling.  It doesn't seem to have the same luxuriously rich feel of say a Rouge Bunny Rouge eye shadow, nor does it have the same ethereally light visual effect of my Suqqu eye shadows.  However, I like this quad very much and use it frequently.

The colors are cool-toned and on my skin runs mauve and purple toned.  I have rather warm-skin and generally uncomfortable with wearing very cool shades, but I think the overall look for me is quite wearable and sophisticated.

Here are closer shots of each pan and swatches.

And then just to confuse you, I swatched counter clockwise from the upper left. 

The SA at the counter advised me to consider the upper right mauvey-pink toned shade to be a top coat.  After apply the pale shade, the mid-tone taupe and the darker, plummy toned shade to define, use your finger to pat the glimmery pink on the center of you eye to really pop and give dimension to your eyes. That's the shade on the very right of my arm.

Apparently, this quad works successfully with a moistened brush, but I generally do not like to sully the dry surface and have not.  It should intensify the shades to something dramatically sultrier.  Even when used dry, starting off your eye with the darkest shade and then to the lights will also achieve a darker, smokier look.

Were you able to buy one of these?  Do they live up to your expectations and the high price?

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  1. Hi Bellyhead,
    I have heard many people love this palette for its colors and shimmers. The shade suits my liking very much, very very pretty!

    1. Hi Meryl!
      It's a very pretty quad. I enjoy a lot when I use it.

  2. Its very useful to read your compare to RBR and Suqqu. I do think I won't bother with the other eyeshadow quads from TF but if they release more quads in the same formula as enchanted I be sure to snap one up. I still find it odd there is no mention of the spring collection from TF, the other brands seem to already be moving on to their summer releases ;)

    1. Hey! I saw some Spring images on line recently. Looks to be a new line of sheer lipsticks. Of course, now I can not find them.

      The TF textures are not my very favorite, but this particular one is very pretty. You should enter the giveaway, I'm giving an Enchanted away. :)

    2. Here it is:

  3. oooh they do look nice, thanks for the link :)
    Thats a very generous giveaway, bet you will be inundated x


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