Thursday, January 31, 2013

Arg, Me Matey! I've Been Taggled!

My good friend and blogger Willow92 of Willow's World, just tagged me in a post.  Check out her lovely blog, she's working on going through and finishing up her lip products and we all need some encouraging in hitting pan/finishing up our beauty stuff.

Apparently there are rules to being tagged?!  In my day, we'd run, smack a person in the back and run the heck away!
  • Answer the 11 questions asked
  • Ask 11 questions to the people you tag
  • Mention the blog that originally tagged you
Here goes.

1. If you had to give up either concealer, mascara or lipstick forever, which would it be?
Seriously, I can give up all of it.  But I figure something drastic would have to happen for me to walk away completely from my makeup! 

Concealer is easy enough to give up because in general I've been fortunate with good spot/zit-free-ish skin.  I'm not smug at all.  I thank the good alien-god Zorgrath for prescription Retin-A micro which I use for zit clearing and love also for its general lovely skin-fying effects.

Mascara, really why bother?  I have short, stumpy and straight lashes.  Mascara makes a very minimal effect on my eyes but I do it do feel pampered and pretty.  *flutters my stumpy lashes at you*

Lipstick would be harder to give up, but after my initial AM application, I often reapply lipbalm most of the time anyway.  Aye, slovenliness is easiness.

2. Name a film title that sums your life up right now.
I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie in a movie theater.  I would say "Spirited Away," only because I have an over-active imagination.  I identify with lonely-soul heroine types, too.

3. If you were an animal, what would you be?
I always say I want to come back as a pampered house cat.

4. What was the first makeup product you owned?
Some frosty, streaky pale pink nail polish.  I adored it so.  I only had the coordination to put it on my left hand (righty here), so often wore it just on one hand.

5. Do you have a special talent or party trick?
All the Buffet Tables R Belongs to Me!  You have a spread that needs be eaten?  I can eat it all.

6. Where did you go on your last holiday?
I took advantage of living in Asia last year and took a holiday in Thailand.  It was an incredible experience seeing the temples and eating the food.  (My life largely revolves around FOOD and MAKEUP)

7. Are you a morning or evening person?
Please don't talk to me in the morning.  Don't even try to look at me.  If so, you deserve a snowl (a snarl with a scowl).

8. If you could have your own makeup range, what would you call it?
"Makeup for Idiot Spenders."  I'm not only the president, I'm a client.

9. What was the first blog you followed/read?
Beauty blogs or general blogs.  I must have read things when things were called Weblogs.

10. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Cawfee.  I drink it, I like it in dessert, I like it as ice cream..  Cawfee.  I embrace it so!

11. What do you consider as the best and worst fashion trends ever?
So many decades I've experienced and observed!  A few years back were the dropped crotch pants aka Harem Pants.  I mean please?!  That was the most amazing thing I've ever never worn.  Yup.

Also, don't ask me about fashion.  I am a dear fan of Land's End.  Amazing customer service, great quality.  Tremendous appeal to anyone looking for the best pair of mom jeans.

TAG!  You Are IT:
  • Beautiful Martha that creates the most incredible lemmings out there on Planet Martha with her face!
  • Her name is not LOLA! from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog who has a wicked sense of humor and skincare to die for and Burberry lovah!
  • Lovely Gummy and fellow makeup lover from GummyVision who I love to plot my next buy with
  • Joyce from bronzer bunny.  Because she's one cool bunny?
  • Lipstick Boulevards.  Have you seen her amazing posts?  If I were the Borg, I would assimilate it.
  • Meryl and Monica from memoiselle.  Aussie and Singapore blog extraordinaire with all the LUXE stuff I drool about, drool on...drool.
My 11 questions for those I've tagged:
  1. What is your dream job?
  2. Are you a baker or a cook?
  3. On your beauty journey, have you noticed any changes in your preferences in any way?
  4. In your refrigerator, what is always in there?
  5. You crave for sweets or savory and what was your last intense craving?
  6. Last gift you gave?
  7. Last gift received?
  8. What is your current beauty item that is welling up into an uncontrollable urge?
  9. At what age have you gotten your first white hair?
  10. What is the last horror movie you've watched?
  11. What is a holy grail beauty product that you've discovered?
P.S.  I've spent way more time writing this post than most posts on this blog!


  1. Awww, yay! I see you like food ;)

    Thank you for doing this, I also spent the most time on my tag post. xD

  2. Food better than makeup group too =D
    Belly is really nice know more about you great idea from a tag =D

  3. When you get your cosmetics line up and running, just know that I'm a total and complete sucker for pretty packaging and fancy marketing!!!

    What kind of product heaven were you in when you were in Asia?!!! I wanna knoooooow!!! Oh goodness...I love coffee ice cream too!!! One of my favorite ice creams of all times is Ben and Jerry's coffee toffee crunch, though it's super hard to find. You probably already know this, but my friend taught me a trick...take those Starbucks instant coffee packs...mix a little with ice cream...and BAM!!! Instant yumminess!!!!

    1. Don't worry Gummy. You are going to be my #1 VIP customer. For you, you get the special VIP pricing. ;-)

      Asia is product heaven goodness!!!! Love all the drugstore stuff there and the beauty culture is intense.

      You know how I feel about coffee and ice cream. Good and GOOD!

  4. lol i'd rather be a bunny than a cat! ALSO i like food too. Much more than makeup. I keep a stash of sea salts and also soy sauce in my bag. And half my coworkers just spend all day feeding me. Actually one day a week or two ago, a coworker turned and looked at me at about 3pm and said "Good GOD will you stop eating already? You've not stopped eating all day." LOL my response was "BUT I"M HUNGRY!" haha. i'm blessed/cursed with a crazy metabolism! i need to get my act together and do this tag!!

    1. Hop to the tag post, ms bunny! ;-)
      Once I had a loose bag of soy sauce burst in my purse. THAT WAS TERRIBLE!


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