Sunday, November 18, 2012

Survived a Move, New Storage and My Faithful Cosmetics Companions

edited to include a link to a detailed review of eye shadow duo.  7/2/2013

I was originally going to do post about how I was gearing up to move from the Big City to the Burbs, and chronicling how I carefully put together a small cache of essentials to last me for a few weeks.    I had grand thoughts of swatching some key items that I felt were essential.  But then I got lazy and life just got nuts.  We had moved in June from out of the country, back to the US and then geared up to move again in the autumn.  Just too much going on.

I lived a nomadic existence for a few weeks until we moved in our house.  During that time, I packed one box of makeup and put the rest into storage.  (Okay, you got me there.  It was a men's shoe box so it was pretty large)  Basically, I randomly threw a bunch of things into the box.  I didn't miss all that many things in storage and it was surprising to me.  For me, out of sight really is out of mind.

I did enjoy several beauty items that I wore pretty much the whole time.  (Why did I even pack so much?!)

Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle foundation in Chestnut Milk Parfait
Rouge Bunny Rouge Duo Eyeshadow in A Major Fis Minor (aka, When Birds Are Singing Long-Lasting Duo Eyeshadow) (detailed review here!)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Orpheline (detailed review here!)
Rouge Bunny Rouge Color Burst Lipstick in Whim of Mine
Rouge Bunny Rouge Eye Kohl in Vera (detailed review here!)
Whatever mascara was lying about (not pictured)

Everything easy and neutral, with a pop of color with the blush.

Swatches of Whim of Mine, Eye shadow duo (dark/light), Orpheline Blush, Vera eye kohl in crap indoor artificial lighting

I will edit with links to reviews when I get to them.  (meaning, maybe never)  These are some of my most well-loved items in my tightly curated collection.  COUGH COUGH COUGH.

Pictured above is the biggest perk (belly-beauty wise) involved with this move: the opportunity to set up a vanity.  This has been a long-held wish of mine, but was hard to fulfill in an apartment.  Anyway, here it is.

Do you see anything up there that you'd like me to show you?

When life gets overwhelmingly crazy, do you stick to your beauty routines or go lean and mean?


  1. Love your post! I remember when I was finally able to set up a vanity. Heaven. (Only that was worth the move!)
    I came across your blog via your comment on "everday beauty" and I really look forward to your next posts. The ones up till now, I really loved.

  2. Hi Leni! Thank you so much for your note. Zuzu's blog is awesome! I hope to "see" you again here soon.

    The vanity really is heaven. I think I'm going to adorn it with some down powder puffs and pretend to go all out glamour!

  3. Gosh!!! A vanity would a dream for me, too! Love yours, please show us everything (aka need some inspiration for storage/organization ideas here). On our last move, I actually weeded of many many make up items, either trashed or donated or swapped. I hand-carried a large tackle box-full of makeup and started my collection again from scratch. I used everything in my tackle box, which was quite minimal (considering I also had my skin care items there). I thought the fun of moving (and getting rid of makeup) was to get new ones :-)

    1. helloooo Claire! Would you like to see how I organize it all?

      I love purging and getting newer, better things! I'm all about IKEA and MUJI for storage and organization. The IKEA short ALEX is awesome, though the top 2 drawers are shallow. I also recently added a second ALEX on the right side and got rid of the legs. THey are empty now, but I feel slightly enabled to fill it some more. So when you restarted, did you focus on a few brands or long-time wants?

      MUJI plastic bins (which are modular) and cheaper than the acrylics are really fantastic for customizing your organization. I have a big variety of them.

      Link to my organization post. :)


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